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Sunday , January 17 2021

Need to amend expats population – Some nationalities nearing a million

THE problem of marginal employment, which exceeds one and a half million workers, was not an urgent issue for many intellectuals, specialists and some politicians, as it was an issue that is constantly alert to its dangers, and the negative effects and projections it brought on Kuwaiti society,” columnist and a constitutional expert Dr Mohammad Al-Moqatea wrote for Al-Jarida daily.

Dr Mohammad Al-Moqatea

Perhaps the Corona pandemic is the last warning bell, which revealed its painful reality, due to the absence of basic human considerations given the poor conditions of the standard of living and the deterioration faced by many, whether due to their poor salaries, or their poor housing methods, their degrading and humiliated transportation methods, or even their treatment by employers in close proximity with the state of bonded labor forbidden by religion and law.

We have no doubt that their inhumane conditions require decisive and determined government action, not only in the face of visa traders, and they are a significant part of the problem, but it must be prolonged, with priority and uncompromising measures, to the major companies and institutions which bring them into the country to satisfy their greed and earn money at their expense which is a primary concern because this is done without regard to the interests of the country, its demographic makeup, and its social, political, cultural, and moral security.

The system of labor accumulation, the forced labor they may be subjected to, their humiliating mass transportation similar to that of the herd of animals, and their dire housing situation are all files that cannot be tolerated by the government and the Parliament, and have become an urgent national priority, if the government fails to resolve it until the end of the year 2020, it will find popular waves transcendent and continuous in confronting it.

Perhaps the other side, which threatens the security and stability of the country from the bomb of marginal employment and others, is the frightening imbalance in the demographic makeup, which made foreigners in Kuwait equal to two and a half times, or at a rate of 3 to 1, a defect accompanied by a frightening phenomenon at the national level – security-wise, politically, and socially, namely, that two nationalities are Indian and Egyptian, each of them is close to a million, i.e. each of them is individually equivalent to the number of the people of the country, but rather they dominate and control most of the joints of vital facilities and institutions in the state in a way that makes the head appear as if the people of the country lack competence and capabilities.

Given the above, we suggest that the defect in question requires an urgent surgical handling in order to reduce the number of the above communities to become one fifth each of its current number in addition to bringing their current existence at some of the country’s vital institutions to an end and eventually keeping in mind that the homeland, shall remain above any other considerations in spite of any justifications that might be given for justifying their existence in the relevant local vital institutions.

In the meantime, we warn against the danger of another two communities, namely the Bangladeshis and Filipinos, because these two communities shall represent the next danger in view of the augmentation of their annual numbers.

In fine, the Kuwaiti political, social, cultural and moral national security has begun to constitute an essential outset for showing of no leniency in handling this drastic defect — the imbalance in the population structure, particularly the menial workforce in the country.

However, in order to remove the mask of the influential figures and those who are benefiting from this defect beset with the population structure, be they people or institutions and silence those who fear about their real estate and slump of their business or those who are involved in promoting the negative economic impacts as a result of reducing the number of the expatriates in the country for serving their own personal interests, we would like hereby to point out that they have destroyed the country by their behaviors and persistent interventions that are mostly aiming at putting pressures on the relevant decision makers and eventually persuade the latter close an eye to their behaviors.

Given the above, we suggest that today, the homeland and its people motivated by their keenness to protect the country will have no choice, but condemn the people and their suspicious attempts to achieve gains at the expense of the country and its security. “Consequently, we suggest the amendment to the country’s population structure, should be the top priority of the authorities concerned in order to truly make the Kuwait the country of humanity and protect its position and role in building the homeland.”

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