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Wednesday , August 21 2019

Nation of generosity, ethics – ‘Respect workers’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

My relationship with Indians started at an early age when my father thought in 1955 that it was time for me to learn English from someone who had mastered the language, but the experience was not successful as I have mentioned earlier.

Ten years later, I worked at the Gulf Bank in Kuwait and found myself among Indians who spared no efforts to help me. I learned a lot from them about ethics, politeness, patience and hard work. Twenty-five years later, I established a private company with three Indians and now as the business expanded, I employ hundreds of workers, most of them Indians. I can say that over the past 60 years, I have found them sincere, hardworking, honest and humble with a great ability to work quietly.

All these qualities and virtues are not found in a majority of those who mock the Indians. They mock the Indians because they cannot keep pace with the Indians and most often than not suffer from the inferiority complex, topped by backwardness and absurdity. India has intercontinental missiles, has invaded the space with its satellites, has a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, manufactures and produces all its needs, and seldom imports anything from abroad. I have visited India several times, and each time I find more development, more cleanliness and an incomparable increase in the elegance of their men and the beauty of their women.

What I find around me are luxury hotels and large airports, clean in their corridors and bathrooms, easy to use. I also find the railways transporting millions of people across the country that make me feel ashamed when I see all our achievements which in reality are worthless.

Everything in India is designed and executed by Indians, who manage, maintain, guard and preserve them, even if their sizes and shapes are not comparable to its skyscrapers and roads. Indians are far superior to us because they are the product of what (India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal) Nehru planted and cared for by (former Prime Ministers) Indira (Gandhi) and Morarji Desai, and other leaders, who have served the Indian people through renowned international educational institutions such as the IIT, and dozens of universities and other scientific institutes that they have established and nurtured and made India a reservoir of brains for the Western world.

With a special greeting from wonderful India we attended the marriage of a friend’s son. We saw the joy happiness, tolerance and love in the eyes of the parents of the Hindu bride and a similar joy on the faces of the parents of the Muslim groom – with no hostility or hatred.

The wedding ceremony lasted for three beautiful days, one of which included a dinner party attended by nearly 4,000 guests from different sects and religions. This happened although the host is not rich, but it is the great India, and its secret which is not known by this Gulf woman I wrote about in my previous article who used a shameful description of the great people — a superpower whose reputation and status are unknown to many, do not know its secrets and history, but they know a few poor Indian workers, whose role in building their homeland is not less than the role of their biggest merchants and manufacturers, their artistes and their inventors, and the lack of experience and no brain power to invent anything.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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