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Thursday , October 21 2021

Nasser, logic, irrefutable facts?

I was sorry and felt greatly surprised when I went through the following tweets, which were previously posted by one of the activists of the “Arab Spring Movement”, or let’s call it the “March of the Dignity of the Nation” which was about to destroy regime, as the late His Highness the Amir had previously mentioned:

1. Blood is a road from which there is no return … the dignity of a nation (15-12-2012)

2. I am ready to die, and I am not ready for anything else. “March of the Dignity of the Nation” tweeted on the same date.

3. After the number of Kuwaitis increased and the Special Forces were unable to suppress them, news of the call-up of the National Guard. “March of the Dignity of the Nation” (10/21/2012).

4. The opinion of Dr. and Cleric Hakim al-Mutairi about the demonstrations is a response to those who are against them. “March of the Dignity of the Nation” May 28, 2011

5. Who are you? We are 150,000. “Dignity of the Nation: (12-10-12).

6. On the first day only, the Kuwaiti people pushed the authority to summon the army, the police, and the National Guard. “March of the Dignity of the Nation” 10/21/2012

And other tweets in support of terrorists who had previously participated in civil wars in Arab countries, and were accused by the United States and the United Nations of supporting terrorist organizations, and several Arab countries included them in the lists of terrorism.

The person who said or posted these tweets was chosen nearly two years ago as a member of the ‘Supreme Council’ for Planning. He was subsequently assigned by an influential personality the task of preparing a law or conducting a study to establish an ‘academy’ to teach the sons of the ruling family how to govern.

However the sudden death of the one who was sponsoring him killed the idea in its infancy. Desiring to revive it, he leaked the study to the press but the leak turned against him after the deputy chairman of the Al-Sabah family council issued a denial of assigning or directing any party or body to establish an academy to prepare the sons of the ruling family for leadership and to stress that the Al-Sabah family are part of Kuwaiti society and receive their education in the same universities and institutes, just like any Kuwaiti citizen.

The owner of the idea was implicated, and quickly published several tweets that betrayed the expression in all of them. He said in one of them, as if he was a spokesman on behalf of the family: that it has the right to form an entity to raise the skills of its children! This is a blatant interference in its affairs.

He also denied being a candidate for the post of the Academy Director. So, who leaked the news of his assumption of the position to Al-Rai newspaper? Why did he not deny the news of his candidacy at the time?

He also tweeted recently, saying that it is unfair to evaluate one on his convictions when he was twenty years old. This is beautiful, but not true. The majority of his controversial tweets were from 9 years ago, when he was in his late twenties. To this day, he has not denied his affiliation, abandonment of his religious political party, or disagreed with the convicts of terrorism whom he had previously praised.

He did not publicly disavow the tweets in which he insulted the ruling regime, nor those in which he incited to overthrow the regime, and demanded bloodshed. Note that the religious-political party to which he belongs allows him to “taqiyya,” that is, to show something different from what is inside.

The urgent question that arises is, how can it be understood that the government has assigned such a personality and of this age and modest political history, his sharp positions towards the regime, and his support for terrorism and terrorists to undertake such dangerous tasks? Note that he studied the media, and from his tweets he shows the humility of his language, and all of this does not qualify him in the first place for what he was assigned to do.

Who do we believe: Nasser, or logic and irrefutable facts?

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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