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Thursday , October 1 2020

Mullah regime and sanctions guillotine

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

TOMORROW, the Mullah regime will be subjected to the actual test – the reality of threats made by some of its officials in relation to closing the Hormuz Strait in case the United States of America does not withdraw its sanctions on Iran’s oil export and lift exemptions granted to some countries to import from Iran.

Now, the question is: Will the globally shunned regime take this suicidal step or will it retract and justify its position on not acting upon its threats?

Throughout the past decades, it has become known to everyone that the Mullah regime lacks the audacity to wage war on its soil.  Instead, the regime mobilizes its gangs in some countries to cause security turbulence for Tehran to improve its negotiation status.

“This happened in the 1980s when it used Beirut as its backyard for abducting westerners and to negotiate on them or in carrying out terrorist operations in Gulf countries and some other world countries.  Apart from that, this regime has nothing.

However, the current global condition is different from that of the 1980s as one wonders whether the fields which Iran uses, such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, will allow it to put such pressure.

Before finding the answers, it is imperative to contemplate an important issue – the empty threats that Tehran has launched. Perhaps, these threats would be effective for local consumption if the living conditions of the people were different from the current conditions.

Evidently, the status quo of ordinary Iranians makes them immune to such rhetoric; so they are eager to see a glimpse of hope which would rescue them from the furnace of oppression, poverty, hunger and chaos.

This is due to the fact that Iran has no ally with the ability to shield it from global wrath if it decides to plant a single water mine along Hormuz Strait or any international corridor, because 20 million barrels of oil passing through this Strait reach about 80 countries.  Therefore, no one in this world is ready to take the risk by yielding to Iran irrespective of the cost.

The US sanctions on Iran’s oil and trade do not prohibit export. However, which country could bet on violating such sanction that will automatically lead to loss of trade exchange with the top economic power in the world for the sake of a worn regime?

All this hype and intimidation are nothing more than delusional messages for the locals.  What eludes the Mullahs is that the destiny of such messages is the garbage can in every Iranian house; because the policy, “Lie and lie until people believe you,” has been exposed and condemned.

Threats and war mongering are useless if 56 percent of the people are living below the poverty line; demonstrations exceed 10,000 in a year; and if the World Bank declared that the inflation rate in the current year will reach 40 percent.

Threats and war mongering are useless considering every mouthpiece of the Mullah regime cannot convince a single Iranian that such tactic will provide him a piece of bread, breeze of freedom and good life.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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