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MP road to chaos

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

VAIN and self-serving MPs are taking the country back to the days of aggravations, after disappointing the aspirations of the people of Kuwait by returning to their disharmonious and malicious interpellation rhetoric.

It is evident that those returning from their political boycott have not learnt from the past experience and the woes that their actions brought to the country which almost dragged it to the unknown. In fact, it seems they intend to provoke chaos by creeping on the government’s authority and holding it hostage for electoral gains.

Based on this fact, the MPs who grilled one of the ministers portrayed the interpellation as the war of destiny in which they achieved crushing victory against the unconsolidated government. This has in turn opened the appetite of others to launch more threats to grill others, even seeking to put His Highness the Prime Minister on the stand.

These MPs are basing their rhetoric on how popular the topic of grilling is and how it elates the public mood. However, the public soon gets disappointed because the situation does not change and the problem still persists. In fact, the problem becomes more complicated because the MPs have invested their energy in order to achieve personal interests from it.

It was clear from the beginning that the MPs returning from the boycott lifted the intimidation limits to the extent of crippling the Constitution, especially over issues which are regarded as sovereign such as citizenship that solely concerns the executive authority, or their interference in the foreign policies of the country, which is a direct violation of the country’s Constitution.

They are also interfering with the financial and economic measures which guarantee equality in performing duties and ensuring rights for citizens. All of this represents the return of the days of parliamentary dictatorship, which a famous political faction attempted to cement in the previous parliaments, and which had crippled the economy and paralyzed the productivity of state establishments.

The tragedy drama seen in the Parliament is of the kind seen in some parliaments worldwide. Instead of practicing its role of legislation and oversight, its members work on crippling its institutions through “Don Quixote” wars, which increase the suffering of citizens.

This clearly indicates the enormity of electing people without clear developmental and legislative programs. Voters end up falling for slogans that promise continuation of country’s spending and prevent any financial and economic reforms. Worst of all, such slogans lack any plan that guarantees luxury living for the coming generation.

We can clearly observe this every time the government tries to adopt measures for protecting the public funds, through which the MPs compose narrations of corruption and corrupts without presenting any evidences.

On the other hand, these MPs work day and night to pass transactions that are in violation of the law. When they are confronted by any concerned minister, they wage a fierce campaign against him. Here is where the continuous malicious questions begin, which usually end with grilling.

This unhealthy situation not only threatens democracy but it threatens the country and its people. Because of this, there is a need for an urgent move to put an end to these altercations and return to the Constitution, where the mandates of the government and the Parliament are clearly explained.

The Constitution stipulates separation between the executive and legislative authorities in such a manner that no authority will overlap the authority of the other, in order to avoid bringing imbalance and drowning the country in disorder.

Kuwaitis are bored with the self-serving mode that their MPs are trending on.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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