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Moscow pitches tent with carcass of coup plotters

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

APPARENTLY, Russia has returned to the politics of the former Soviet Union which led to its collapse. This is reflected in the politics related to the Middle East and the loss of ties with powerful countries due to its bias towards the weakest governments politically and economically.

In spite of its strength, it could not prevent the economic crisis, which resulted in internal collapse, because it was tied to the chains of coalitions formed with those governments. We understand the need for Russia to protect the territories it controls in some countries such as Syria where it has the only base in the Mediterranean Sea.

However, it is difficult to understand the struggle to prioritize the least over the most important in Yemen. Charge d’Affaires of its embassy in Sana’a — Oleg Dimov — declared his country’s support for the Coup Plotters (Carcass) Parliament, while he attended a parliamentary session during which some of the representatives were goaded. Its ambassador to Sana’a, Vladimir Didochkin, tried to conceal this a couple of days ago when he said: “Moscow calls for avoidance of unilateral procedures that impede political activities.”

The Charge d’Affaires cannot take any step without consulting his superior and the one who appointed both of them in Moscow, whose minister tried to justify the action against the Arab coalition and the legitimate government in his statement on what he described as ‘serious humanitarian situation in Yemen’.

He did this to convince the United Nations (UN) Security Council on the position of his country as he used veto power to counter the communiqué of the council, which was not outside the purview of UN Resolution 2216 where it was among the first signatories.

Kremlin knows very well that the borderline of coup plotters is limited to Sana’a and no other government recognizes their government except the despotic Iranian regime.

The entire world remains behind the legitimate government and the statement made by the Russian envoy to Sana’a was within that framework.

Is Russia the powerful country trying to compensate for its losses in Iraq and Syria by interfering in Yemen, which the GCC countries will never allow any country, under any circumstance, to use as a window for creating unrest in the Arabian Peninsula? Did Russia not realize that if  the UN Security Council issues a resolution under Section Seven, it means the affected party is indicted thereof? When Russia supports the activities of international lawbreakers, it is tantamount to protecting a criminal, so it is putting itself in the same position as the latter. Will Russia be ready to bear the responsibility for the global and humanitarian implications of the coup plotters’ snatching of Sana’a and preventing return of the legitimate government?

How will it justify its exclusion from the global unanimous indictment of Houthis and Saleh; as well as their backer, the evil doer Persian Mullah, which never stops producing tools of destruction and terrorism that Russia itself has tasted? It is not hidden to Moscow that the catastrophe which hit the GCC countries due to the actions of the Houthis and their ally, ousted President Saleh, is similar to what it has been suffering from.

This is because the terrorist groups, despite their different names, are two sides of a coin for the Persian expansion policy and threats to other countries. Why is it abandoning its real strategic interest with the GCC capitals, which remain the engine room for political calculation in the Middle East? If this is done to threaten those countries, then it is wrong.

However, if it means that the Russian policy is battling with the problem of old age, nobody can prevent it, except the concerned nation itself. It should differentiate between the Houthi weed, legitimate oppression and Arab coalition; because the current situation in Russia entails it cannot tolerate adventures even if it is just protocol.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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