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Me too, moi aussi

CURRENTLY, there is a huge uproar around the world over the sexual misconduct scandal involving famous American film producer Harvey Weinsten – co-founder of the film company ‘Miramax’.

This producer did not spare actresses from sexual misconduct, obviously in return for giving them roles in the films he is making.

The western world, which our fundamentalists and conservatives claim to be unethical or lacks moral values, does not tolerate sexual misconduct or sexual relation without the consent of both parties.  This is based on their respect for humans and humanity.

The entire world has become interested in heinous stories in which the main characters are the weakest of women.  As a result, a fierce campaign was launched to encourage women to come out and expose their rapists or those who sexually harassed them; even if the incident happened decades ago.

The move is aimed at deterring anyone who might be tempted to engage in such heinous practices due to their status, position, influence or even authority over women; especially those who unfortunately ended up under their claws.

Another sexual misconduct story emerged in France, where such misconduct moved from actors and filmmakers to top politicians in the minister’s level and beyond or below.

The star of this story is young French writer Alexandra Besson, the daughter of Eric Besson who served as French Minister of Industry, Energy, and the Digital Economy during the term of Nicolas Sarkozy.  The sexual harasser was Pierre Joxe – former French Socialist politician, Defense and later Interior Minister during the term of François Mitterrand.

Alexandra Besson, age 28, wrote in her memoirs that Joxe, age 82, sexually harassed her; and she affirmed the accusation in the French weekly magazine L’Express.

The incident dates back to 2010, and according to Alexandra, it occurred when her father was in his position as minister.  She was seated at the VIP chambers in the new operetta hall in Bastille.  She was watching an art performance when an old man whom she didn’t know put his hand on her thighs.  Despite her attempts to push him away, he continued until she yelled at him, attracting the attention of other people in the hall.

Even the yelling did not stop him.  After some minutes, the old man (Joxe) continued his sexual misconduct.  He stopped only when Alexandra’s nails scratched his hand in a silent and strange war in Bastille’s operetta hall.

If these incidents are happening in western countries which have almost absolute   liberty, what is the situation in our countries that some like to describe as conservative?

I bet our countries are the worst and darkest in this regard, where influential people in our communities commit grave injustices to people who are weak and cannot deter them.

We wish to have an agency tasked to receive this kind of reports.  This agency should operate in complete confidentiality and secrecy to put a stop to such injustices, on condition that the agency should be active and dynamic.

We do not want a repeat of the Anti-Corruption Agency and the kind of agencies which are just décors that squander public funds without even having the ability to bite.

Nonetheless, until such agency becomes a reality, I wish one of the advancing civil, liberal and social society institutions will adopt this campaign which is ongoing in western countries entitled, “Moi Aussi” or “Me Too”, for the aggrieved and assaulted women to narrate their suffering under male human monsters.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil



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