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Wednesday , October 21 2020

May Iranian leaders remember the fate of Barmakids

LEADERS in Iran always err in their approach to Arabian affairs, especially in countries where they have planted their militias and gangs to wreak havoc and put decisions of such countries in the hands of Tehran.

The reason behind such error is that these people speak as if they are the guardians of countries, making them forget that rejection of their existence or the existence of their gangs and militias is in the hands of the people – the majority, not in the hands of any political group.

When Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatimi said, “The decision to let Iran’s advisors stay in Syria is in the hands of the leaders of the two countries, no other party is involved in the issue,” it means he is eliminating the position of Syrians who rejected the existence of any Iranian and even non-Iranians in their country.

Such position is not surprising at all when it comes to officials of the Iranian Mullah regime. It shows the firm culture which has been there for centuries.

During the rule of the Abbasid Dynasty, Iranian governors strived to control it through an Iranian influential family known as ‘Barmakids’ by pushing them close to the then Abbasid caliphate under Harun Al-Rashid to a point where they gained some influence in some provinces.

However, they fell into the evil repercussions of their actions when they started revealing their true intention to prey on the dynasty, but the caliphate knew their plan, prompting it to purge them in what was known as the ‘Barmakids catastrophe’.

Nonetheless, the Persian attempts to control the Abbasid Dynasty never ceased.  It was done through the son of Harun Rashid, Al-Mamoun, who sought support from Persian gangs in his revolt against his brother Al-Ameen.

This ended when the Iraqis confronted them in a war which continued for four years so the revolt was quelled and the reign of Arabs was reestablished.

This scenario is being repeated today in Lebanon where the ‘Hezbollah’ arrogate to themselves the decision of the State and prevent the constitutional establishments from handling the affairs of the country, whereas the Lebanese who suffered due to the civil war are trying to abort militia domination through peaceful civil resistance.

This is happening through the revelation of all Persian tricks, especially after the series of assassinations that started with the killing of Rafik Al-Hariri, after which death entered every house in Dahieh (a predominantly Shia Muslim suburb in South Beirut) – South and North – and Baalbek due to its involvement in the massacre of Syrians who resisted this interference with bare hands.

Also in Iraq, Iran fell into the populace rejection net. Its creedal sectarian speech proved futile in its attempts to subdue and control the people who just discovered through experience that the faction called ‘DAESH’ and a variety of creedal militia factions are tools in the hands of the regime in Iran. The regime planned to instigate sectarian division and start historic vengeance between people of the same nation.

This scenario in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria is not different from that in Yemen where Iran indulges in fighting against the Yemenis and neighboring countries through the Houthis, hoping to control the Arabian Peninsula and extend its influence to the two Islamic holy sites in order to impose its decisions on the Islamic world.

However, the Yemeni resistance and military backed by the Saudi coalition transformed the Persian expansionism scheme into a pipe dream after rooting out the Iranian and Houthi forces, resulting in enormous loss of lives.

In addition, these groups will face international punishment once the International Criminal Court starts looking into their crimes against the Yemenis who are adamant in rejecting any foreign interference in their affairs.

This court in Hague, Netherlands is also looking into ‘Hezbollah’ crimes in Lebanon.  It is expected to issue its verdict before the end of this year.

It was said in the past: “Wonder ceases once the reason is known.”  Not only Iran’s defense minister should know this, but also the entire Iranian leadership and their traffic police for them to realize that the land of Arabs, irrespective of the aggression of invaders, will cast them away in the same manner the sea casts out dead fish.

Without a doubt, after 39 years of interference and terrorism, in addition to spending billions taken from ordinary Iranians, not only the Arabs are rejecting the interference of this regime, even its people have started revolting. The light of tomorrow will come soon.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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