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May cauterization be the last remedy O His Highness

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT IS the right of Minister of Finance, who is responsible for the state’s finances, to express his fears concerning how far matters will reach if the situation remains the same in terms of political and economic negligence.

Such a negligence caused by wrong parliamentary methods are based on showing higher preference for personal interests than the supreme national welfare, without taking into consideration the reality of the country and the repercussions caused by international and regional events.

We will not be exaggerating when we say that majority of the parliamentarians depend on beneficial agendas which involve squandering of the public funds in order for them to succeed in the elections.

It starts with appointments and transfers, followed by overseas medical trips, without ending at tenders and blackmailing of ministers. All these happen because of the lack of a proper economy and political program which all parliamentarians in every democracy worldwide except Kuwait work on.

In Kuwait, the spending frenzy is suicidal due to the political disparage of the constitutional tools and rights which lead to crippling the state and its ministries. It even prevented the head of the Cabinet from practicing his authority as he has been preoccupied with frivolous interpellations.

Unfortunately, the misconception of democracy is what has brought on all this. It is being considered as freedom of insult, disloyalty, dishonor and intentional breach of the law with the objective of gaining fake heroism to prove the strength of a particular MP or faction, or striving to earn the title of “prisoner of opinion” as though Kuwait is under dictatorship rule.

However, there is no oppression when His Highness the Prime Minister and his constitutional authority is undermined by people when even the ink that granted them Kuwaiti citizenship has not yet dried. All that is left is the judiciary which practices its authority with integrity under the absence of any pressure or interference from anyone.

Indeed, it is the right of every official to express his/her concern even to the point of worrying about the turn the country is taking, especially when every step taken towards reform — even the simple steps — ends up facing a hill of obstacles, undermining campaigns and casting of suspicions over the integrity of people.

Even explaining the positive returns of such moves would not help, especially since catering for citizens’ needs from cradle to grave is considered as neglected money. Hence, the KD 7 billion end up being spent on a ridiculous support program.

Majority of the GCC countries took necessary financial and even political austerity measures. However, none of these countries witnessed what Kuwait did in terms of campaigns which reached the extent of expressing ungratefulness to the country.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the supreme authority issued a decision to suspend allowances and bonuses with the promise to reinstate them when the financial situation of the country improves. When the improvement did happen, the same authority issued a reinstatement decree.

Similar measures were also taken in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and the State of Qatar. However, the citizens of those countries accepted the measures without creating any fuss about it.

However, in Kuwait, all we heard was the efforts being exerted by parliamentarians to present interpellations, voluntarily relinquishing their legislative role for which they were voted. On the other hand, the government did not bother explaining the reasons behind adopting the austerity measures. Even when the government tried to explain, it did not do it well in terms of presenting the argument and evidences, which in turn led to the escalation of the situation.

We have to admit that there are people who are striving to destroy the structure for everyone because they failed in imposing their will on the greater majority of the people of Kuwait, despite practicing all types of hectoring and exploitations. This is why dialogues with them turn out to be a waste of time; in fact, doing so would further agitate their ego and their desire to violate the law.

Amid this unhealthy situation but in the spirit of preserving the nation economically, politically and even socially, the last remedy is cauterization, which has become a necessity especially after exhausting every rational method.

Therefore, austerity and determination have become the demand of the greater majority of the people who are keen about the welfare of the country and its people. This is also the demand of the GCC countries that are also keen about the welfare of Kuwait and its people so that this country does not reach a point where we do not know who is leading us.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of reassuring our brothers in the GCC region and to prove to them that we are fine, we reiterate over and over again, to the one in whose hands is the authority of this country, to conclude the matter and move on to ensure our country does not become severed apart by conflicts over interests, blackmailing and stepping on the authority of the leader.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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