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Thursday , April 22 2021

Man longs for days gone by

By nature, man longs for the old days, the place where he was raised when he was young, assuming that the place is natural and not a prison, for example, or an affected area. It is difficult for a normal person to forget the places he visited or what he learned or used to eat when he was young, especially sweets, because their taste remains under their tongues forever, as they say.

 I say this from my personal experiences. The Accounts Department was the first place I worked in when I joined a bank. In this Department, I learned a lot and remained yearning for it even after I moved in the same bank to other departments and responsibilities, and next to the board of directors, but my longing for account management remained with me until today.

The sheikh of diplomacy, the late Amir Sheikh Sabah, was a diplomat of the first class and his nostalgia remained with him even after he became the Amir of the country for a long time. He paid great attention to foreign matters and expanded Kuwait’s relations with various countries of the world.

In Kuwait, we have embassies of countries that no one has heard of or knows about. He also encouraged and personally urged several countries to open their embassies in Kuwait. During his reign, the country witnessed a diplomatic expansion.

The situation has changed in recent years and this expansion has become a source of financial burden and an administrative headache for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the expansion of its staff, the increase in the number of its employees, and the increase in their requests, requirements and problems, especially in remote countries that hardly need a continuous presence throughout the year for a full diplomatic mission, and because they don’t often have something that connects it to our world or to Kuwait, and therefore the whole situation needs reconsideration, and this is what we hope will have the attention of the next foreign minister. There is no one better than the energetic and young minister, Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad.

We hope the minister will close all embassies that the State does need (its actual presence) and save millions spent on them without actual political or economic return.

Many have witnessed how some of our embassies overseas have become a source of real concern and inconvenience to the state as a result of the un-examined geographic expansion, and the Foreign Ministry is forced to employ large numbers of citizens to work in those embassies, and their appointment is often subjected to parliamentary pressure, and the conflict between those appointed to work in the embassies where some are favored over the others for reasons known to all.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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