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Friday , January 15 2021

Malicious prudence system, exposure of Iranian weary

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT is not a secret that the strategies of intimidation, fraud, and diplomatic deception adopted by the Tehran regime throughout the last 40 years have become a joke that provokes laughter to the point of tears.

The world no longer believes that a system with such mold and weariness is capable of dealing with its internal reality or the sanctions imposed on it from all sides due to its terroristic practices and sponsorship of terrorism outside its borders.

The peacock system established its political strategy on malicious prudence, and tried to hide its impotence and disgrace; hence it keeps on facing complicated problems one after the other.

Its leaders believe that selling illusions to its people is the cure for all its crises. And they seek to amass huge fortunes from the livelihood of the devastated Iranians by deluding them that they are fighting a near-eternal war against several world powers.

The recent weeks witnessed the collapse of the last masks of the Iranian political prostitution after the explosion that occurred in a very sensitive site – the nuclear reactor in the Iranian city of Natanz – and the bombings of Tehran and Isfahan, as well as the burning of paramilitary boats in the city of Bandar Abbas.

In addition to that, there were extensive explosions of seven fuel tankers in Kermanshah a few days ago. Prior to that, Iran sustained many painful strikes that impacted its forces both at home and abroad, but the response to them were just empty slogans.

Political prudence of the system does matter. All that they feel is their inability to face the deliberate explosions that their nuclear and strategic system is exposed to, which reveals the extent of the Mullahs regime’s weariness.

Almost all reports gathered in this regard suggest this is a proper intelligence work that was alluded to by Tel Aviv and Washington. At the same time, Tehran continues to evade and refuses to acknowledge the bitter truth, which makes all the talk about the strength possessed by the Mullahs nothing but a phonetic phenomenon, and the weapons they display on certain occasions are merely decorative.

What eludes the minds of this dilapidated system in the modern era following the boom of social media, which has become a much stronger authority than the powers of censorship, repression and empty tyranny, is the fact that the Goebbels rule – with reference to the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels – fell, which is, “Repeat a lie often enough and it eventually becomes the truth”.

Frankly, those who operate based on the aforementioned Goebbels rule suffer from political schizophrenia. That is why the Mullahs persist on lying and being stubborn, and continue to make threats.

This is the proverbial trait of all the gangs hired by Tehran, both in Yemen where the Houthis dwell in the caves of Sanaa and fight with the Yemeni blood to carry out the Persian agenda, and in Lebanon where Nasrallah comes out of his hole from time to time to threaten the United States of America and then returns back to his hole in fear of the Israeli reconnaissance plane over the Lebanese airspace.

Nasrallah had promised the world in 2008 that he would respond to the assassination of his military wing leader Imad Mughniyeh, but his words went with the wind exactly as it did after the assassination of Mustafa Badr Al-Din, the official of foreign operations Samir Al-Quntar in Damascus, and many others.

He instead resorted to his squeaks and squawks of intimidation and threats at a time when Israel is hovering over Lebanese airspace or in Syria, killing and bombarding its sites and fighters, while he is unable to raise even a gun in the face of an Israeli soldier.

After all these absurd policies, Iran has today become more like a sick camel from which everyone is trying to escape. Neither China nor Russia, or even Venezuela stood with it. The countries that consider it as an ally are dealing with it on the basis of it being sick.

In Syria, the regime and its people are waiting for the perfect opportunity to get rid of Iran’s authority. The Russians are working on dismantling its tools. Despite all this, we have a bearded man telling us about the power of Iran in the world, it being a force that never gets defeated, and about its divine victories.

The proverb “The worst disaster is the one that brings laughter” applies to the aging Iranian regime, especially in this time of COVID-19 crisis. Some cave dwellers have emerged to claim that the aim of this viral outbreak in the world is to kill Muslims, and that it is a conspiracy against the regime of the Iranian revolution.

They are forgetting that COVID-19 has afflicted about 16 million people who are considered infidels. Therefore, if the Iranian leadership has this kind of mentality, all we can is, “May Allah help the Iranian people over this ruling junta.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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