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Making hay while sun shines

A few days ago, I wrote about a charity society that sells copies of the Holy Quran whoever wants to buy them for one dinar. In the same article, I wrote about the struggle among religious parties over the chicken that lays golden eggs, including the Ministry of Awqaf and the Quran Printing Authority, which for 10 years has failed to print one copy of the Holy Quran despite millions of dinars have been spent for this purpose.

This serious failure has not touched the conscience of any official, and we wish the Minister of Awqaf to dissolve the authority which for the second time – a few weeks ago – bought 69,000 copies of the Holy Quran from the ‘Mohammad bin Rashid Center’ in Dubai for 90,000 dinars, noting that Saudi Arabia distributes the copies of the Holy Quran for free, while the said charity society sells the copy for almost half of that. I also discovered that the Ministry of the Golden Eggs (Awqaf) had earlier established the ‘Kuwait Center for Islamic Economy’ in 2004, and I believe that 95% of the citizens (according to the percentage mentioned by MP Al-Muwaizri) did not hear of it, nor of its purpose.

In the same direction of making hay while the sun shines in terms of religious matters, ‘one’ agreed with a telecommunications company to send the following message to the subscribers

“I know life is hard sometimes”

“Have you experienced life daily with the Qur’an?”

“Every day we live with a verse from the Quran, we remind ourselves of paradise.

“You only have to subscribe to the “Open your heart to the Quran” messages with me, to join the largest Quranic community via SMS. The daily SMS will only cost you 65 fils per day. Hurry up and send the letter “F” to 90991; signed ‘Your brother F.S.K.’

I called the concerned telecommunications company and inquired about the issue, and I was told that the issue is commercial and there is nothing to prevent it. They deduct the fee for the message from the caller, and transfer the bulk of the 65 fils to the project owner, and you can imagine the profits that can be made.

I also called the Ministry of Social Affairs, and I was told that this is a ‘violation’, and I do not know what happened after that.

This kind of violations and inaction of the Quran Printing and Publishing Authority is a blatant example of the extent of laxity in a country that was a pioneer in almost everything. It is not surprising that Dubai provides us with the copies of Holy Quran, while we used to send the emirate the papers, the pens and the textbooks? How has Dubai managed to outdo us in terms of progress in several areas, while we are still suffering from plunder, tampering, idleness and embezzlement in most of our government institutions, and none of our concerned officials paid attention to our miserable condition?

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Note: A video clip has been published showing the National Guard producing masks. Does this mean that its security and military arm will expand to produce other materials? They may have their reasons, but we must stop talking about supporting and encouraging the national product and manufacturer.

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By Ahmad Alsarraf

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