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Wednesday , July 17 2019

‘Let US decide poll winner’ – ‘Tomorrow round the corner’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

always love reading articles of the notable columnist Jihad Al-Khazen in the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper.

Recently, I had to go to a McDonald’s restaurant and have coffee because a nearby office where I had an appointment opened late. I arrived there about an hour and few minutes prior to the start of their duty, so I seized the opportunity to find a shop adjacent to the McDonald’s where newspapers are sold so that I can drink coffee and read newspaper while waiting!

I hardly saw the Al-Hayat newspaper which was sitting calmly on the newspaper stand before I picked it up. As usual, I opened the last page to read the article of my favorite columnist ‘Jihad Al-Khazen’! However, my opinion about Al-Khazen almost completely changed when I read the article. He wanted Hillary Clinton to win the US presidential election and he supported his viewpoint by saying Donald Trump is a combination of ignorance, extremism and rabble rousing. Al-Khazen stressed, “Americans will never allow him to occupy the White House and represent them at the global political forum!” (That statement was from Al-Khazen, not me).

I am not better than Al-Khazen, as he is renowned for his analyses and political critique concerning situations such as the US elections. However, I queue behind the US populace by being realistic in anticipating victory for Trump and the latter eventually occupying the White House.

This is the wish of the American electorate, so why are we arrogant about it? Why are we laying down our wishes when we do not have a vote or any influence in the elections? The entire world is impatiently waiting for this with their hands on their chest!

When I talk about the United States of America, I am talking about the world’s superpower and the prices of interest that reflects positively or negatively on the global economy. I am talking about the US dollar, which is the most prominent currency in the world. I am talking about the dollar being used as the currency for oil price. I am talking about massive industries and big companies, many of which control the global economic standards. Should I talk about the Boeing Company, iPhone Revolution, Harvard, Cleveland or the Mayo Clinic?

In summary, the election will be held in the world’s most reputable country economically, politically, militarily and scientifically. Therefore, people of that country, not any renowned columnist in another country or me, are the only ones who can decide on what they want.

Many people anticipated that Britons would not vote for Britain’s exit from the European Union, but it was shocking that the people decided otherwise. Portugal won the European Cup just yesterday despite the early exit of the inspirational Cristiano Ronaldo from the match and the fact that the game was played on the land of San Doni in Paris. Portugal won, thereby accomplishing her best achievement in soccer despite injuries and many other factors! This proves that there is no impossibility when it comes to decisions of men.

I will not make a stake, because only Allah knows the unknown. The only thing is that I will not be surprised if Donald Trump becomes the next US President. I wish to add that I prefer him to Hillary Clinton, as her fingerprints are clearly imprinted on the so-called Arab Spring. It took the bravery of late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (May Allah forgive him) to rescue the calm Arabian Peninsula from the claws of terrorism led by Hillary Clinton! She openly supported the destroyers and the outlawed groups in Bahrain, but prompt moves taken by the late king with support of the GCC countries brought normalcy. It was thereafter that Hillary understood the reality!

Anyways, the McDonalds breakfast was tasty and the article of the ace columnist Jihad Al-Khazen was interesting even though I disagree with the content. I even posted the article on my Twitter account as an expression of my love for the columnist and his interestingly simple style.

Who knows, Trump may occupy the White House to become a better president than imagined, because his campaign slogans and utterances are quite different from the reality that this Republican Party candidate will face.

Days are changing, and the anticipated tomorrow is just around the corner.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi



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