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‘Let no loose talk soil ties with expats’

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“THOSE who observed the public affairs during the last period finds the high tone and the racist spirit against the arrivals. On the days of Eid, a person filmed Salmiya Beach, in which large numbers of expatriates were swimming and posted a racist comment and expressing his surprise. There are some tweeters, who responded to the filming, but these incidents began to be repeated on more than one occasion and situation,” columnist Abdulaziz Al-Kandari wrote for Al-Rai daily.

Abdulaziz Al-Kandari

“Whoever follows the social media reads how the issue of foreigners is very sensitive, and it is dealt with in this superficial way according to reactions such as what happened with filming the sea, and even became a reason for excuses these days as if we have excelled and succeeded at all levels and we are left with only the case of expatriates.

“Imagine, while you are on summer vacation, traveling to one of the countries, you and your family, then you see a situation you did not like and you photograph it. Would you accept and be satisfied to be returned to your country just for the sake of expressing an opinion? And if you do not accept that on yourself, why would you accept for the expatriate?

“We still need expatriates, and they should feel comfortable and psychologically stable while performing their work, and spreading the culture of coexistence between citizens and expatriates is important, especially since the number of expatriates is more, and their integration into society and schools with citizens helps this as it was in the past.

“And if there are problems with expatriates, then those who were the cause should bear them, namely the visa traders, who sold illusions to the poor, and to stay away from inhumane practices with those who represent the weakest link.

“In Kuwait, we live in a society that has witnessed tolerance for many years. Since the establishments of the modern state, most Kuwaitis have expatriate friends who work in the government and private sectors and in various agencies, and these relations must be preserved and not let those loose voices and this hateful racism distort it via the media.

“The expatriates in Kuwait are more than 100 nationalities serving in this good country, including teachers, doctors and in some jobs we still need them, and there are some of them who started looking for another country with their love for Kuwait, but because of the racist discourse they hear.

“A quick look at the history of Kuwait, we find that during the establishment of the institutions of the modern state, we were lacking manpower, so immigrants came from different countries, from Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and East Asian countries.

“Among them were teachers, engineers, and doctors, in addition to other specializations, as they found in this good and benevolent country shelter, housing, work and psychological comfort and they now constitute the majority of the population of Kuwait, and they have spent their lives in this country, so they deserve the best, and salaries commensurate with the inflation taking place in the world.

“The developed countries seek to satisfy the residents working in their countries by providing psychological comfort, security stability and safety for them by providing services, so that they can provide better services to the country in which they work.”

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