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Lest ‘Columbus’ end like the Red Indians

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE worst threat to any nation is the submission of itself to ignorance through the will of its majority who have deserted their brains under the pretext of violating the ‘Shariah’. Unfortunately, the wicked are interpreting the same ‘Shariah’ as if it is against the right Islamic principles.

 This leads to blind submission to ‘fatwas’ aimed at passing the proposals of some political factions. This is the reality in the current Muslim world, since its people have deserted the basic principle of Islam which is to ‘read’ that means acquiring knowledge.

It paved way for religion exploiters to take control by ‘inserting’ their irrational and illogical shenanigans, believed to be ignorant people, into religion. Ibn Rushd (Averroes), a medieval Islamic philosopher once said: “If you want to control an ignorant, cover every falsehood with religious shroud.”  Trading in religion is common in communities where ignorance is widespread.

Testimony to that is the story of Columbus and the Red Indians.  When the ship of the Italian explorer docked on America’s coastline together with his crew, they were low on supplies.

 This prompted Columbus to threaten the Native Americans that he will hide the moon unless they provide him with food. Columbus’ trick was based on what a member of his crew told him about the total lunar eclipse which would happen after a few days.  Because the Red Indians revered the moon and the fact that they did not believe this pirate and his threats; they ended up running to him when the eclipse occurred, thinking he took the moon away from them.

Since then, the Red Indians’ rituals and traditions won but they lost their entire continent with its vast wealth just because they did not use their brains.

Instead, they allowed their ignorance to determine their destiny.  Isn’t this the kind of trade where the Muslim Brotherhood Group has been trying to invest its evilness in order to dominate Arab communities since the first third of the last century?  Since then, every terrorist organization came from its womb. In fact, immediately after this group hijacked the rule in Egypt, it continued to cement its provocative speech.  If things went according to the plan of this group, its wickedness would have covered the entire Arab world.

The Muslim Brotherhood case is not different from that of the Mullah regime in Iran in terms of trading in religion.  This regime associates all its speeches and actions with religion.

 For the regime, victory is ‘divine’ and leader is ‘Wilayat al-Faqih’ (Governance of the Jurist).  Actually, the regime in Iran associates its conflicts, interference and terrorist acts in the world with the emergence or return of the awaited redeemer known to Muslims as ‘Mahdi’ (Muhammad Al-Mahdi), whom Muslims believe will rule the world for some years before the Day of Judgment and he will rid the world of evil.

This association stands on the principle that, “Whenever tyranny, injustice and killing become widespread, it means the emergence of ‘Mahdi’ is approaching.”  All that is mere irrationality and clear foolishness. It does not take long for anyone who follows up the tone of speech adopted by groups which cover themselves with religious cloak to discover that the terminologies used in this aspect are one, whether by Sunnis or Shias and even the non-Muslims.

This is the case with the ISIL, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.  It is the same thing that is currently being cemented in politics, such as in Turkey, through the type of sermons used by the ruling ‘Brotherhood’ party to impose its authority by portraying President Erdogan as a pious and God-fearing man.

These groups managed to establish their own authority among Arab and Islamic communities by covering everything that emits from them with a religious coat and associating every word or stance with a ‘fatwa’ fanatically adopted during chaotic times by the wicked — the type of people who could even learn sorcery.

Because of that, these groups have been able to control a significant layer of youths who are fascinated by them and end up being pushed into the furnace of terrorism, where they practice everything against any religion, such as human trafficking, dismemberment of human bodies and massacre.

Worst of all is the existence of scores, in fact, hundreds of those who invest ignorance in religion amongst us — the Columbus type. We might win the legend of the moon but lose our motherlands unless there is a real awareness scheme that restores the brain of our nations, or else, our regrets will be futile when we become captives in camps; banished from our lands the same way the Red Indians are currently living on their own land.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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