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Thursday , October 1 2020

Lebanon, Iraqi leaders should learn from clans

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FORGED demonstrations do not build a State. Empty promises do not fight corruption or eliminate the corrupt. In fact, the two continue to weaken the authority that is already influenced by the mobs, which are in alliance with armed militias.

The Lebanese president’s action yesterday, when he turned against his compatriots by supporting a certain group that is against majority of the Lebanese, is nothing more than bankruptcy of content.

It is sheer irony to see the slogan “A nation led by Aoun and Nasrallah will never bow” being lifted in the people’s palace square in Lebanon, and this happened during the demonstration in support of the “strong” president.

This is mere suicide and represent a conclusive evidence of Hezbollah’s influence on the country. Therefore, there is neither reforms nor change, as claimed.

The nation that does not bow is the one that is protected by institutions, where its people are equal in duties and rights.

The nation that does not bow is the one where a militia leader is not seen as a “Prophet” by his clique, similar to the chants in support of the Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabeh Barri. It does not also force his youth to apologize for criticizing the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, whose gangs are attempting to portray him as divine.

A partisan or factional leader is not lifted to the level of divinity that prohibits criticizing him despite being soaked in corruption and involved in oppressing, suppressing and humiliating his compatriots.

This is the grim image of the authority pillars in Lebanon. It is almost similar to that in Iraq where sedatives offered by exposed clerics failed to calm the situation. Even the hired snipers of Iran were able to scare people away from demonstrations and protests that were aimed for demanding their rights.

These rights are considered to be the simplest and natural human rights in countries that respect their people. Also their partisan leaders do not exploit their people through services.

Puffery cohorts of the de facto authority in both countries are inflicted with deafness. They do not hear the voices of the people of the two nations that are calling for their departure. They have mastered in intentionally suppressing their people in fear of being held accountable, a bitter one, forgetting that the more they do so, the more they are tightening the rope around their necks.

The people of these two nations have already expelled their leaders who are behind the spread of corruption and weakening of the institutions in both countries, which had increased poverty, starvation and unemployment among the public, while the political class enjoys the blessings of the countries, and share them with Iran, either publicly or secretly, to help it overcome the international sanctions.

This means these leaders accept the starvation of the Lebanese and Iraqis for the sake of the survival of the leaders of the Mulla regime who are also facing continuous populist uprising since the beginning of this year.

Perhaps, those who sought support from Iran against their people should have looked into history to see how clan leaders in Andalusia fell after they sought support of the Franks against their compatriots, rendering them to fall in the evil clutches of their endeavor when they sacrificed their people in order to remain as rulers.

This ended when these clan leaders found themselves exposed and had nothing more to offer to the Franks, displacing them and being ever haunted by the curse of history to this day.

This is what is happening today in Iraq where the cohorts of the Mulla regime are attempting to subdue the Iraqis using an iron fist. However, the situation has backfired as the chants have changed to demand the expulsion of the Revolutionary Guard’s legions.

The people are demanding complete boycott of Iran because it is the behind everything that is happening in this country where its politicians wasted trillions of dollars for the sake of Iran and looted to the point of leaving one of the richest Arab countries in shambles.

Truly, what we are witnessing today is the beginning of the end of the militia leaders who have been swimming in the blood of the people of Lebanon and Iraq in a bid to rescue the Mullas’ vessel in Iran that is on the verge of drowning.

Nonetheless, the typhoon of people’s anger will storm them and throw them in the history’s dumpsite, and the two nations will rewrite their future with alphabets of light, civilization and freedom.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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