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Monday , December 6 2021

Lebanese, unite behind the ‘Forces’ party

THE arrogance of Hassan Nasrallah has risen to the level of him claiming to have 100,000 fighters under his command, besides his fans and supporters, and that they are all there to protect Lebanon.

This person, who has been hiding in the dungeons for the past 15 years, is not only threatening the Lebanese Forces Party, but he is threatening the entire Lebanon as well as the Arabs who consider him as an Iranian-backed mercenary who executes his master’s terrorist agendas to the fullest.

This confirms what most countries have been warning of, which is that there is a disguised Iranian occupation of Lebanon. This is an example of what Tehran seeks to achieve in the countries where it has placed a foot in a bid to interfere with the security and politics of its victim.

The Lebanese – the Shiites before the Sunnis, the Druze, the Maronites and the Christians in general – should thank Sameer Geagea, and the “Lebanese Forces” party, which exposed the true ugly face of the Hezbollah and revealed the malice and hostility it hides to the rest of the sects.

This huge number of fighters outnumbers the national army, and also outspends its armament.

Scandalous liars are those who aid Nasrallah’s militia, which for 39 years has shed the blood of the Lebanese, and committed massacres in Beirut several times, as well as in the south where it launched wars against other political components, the majority of affiliates of which are Shiites, as well as in the Bekaa, and against the Palestinians and Syrians.

It also exploited the civil war in Syria by supporting its army. Its main objective was to extend Iranian influence, something that the Syrians recently noticed and began expelling the Hezbollah members from their country.

Nasrallah, through his words, recently tried to mask his true falsehood by claiming to defend Lebanon, while he was preparing the stage for a new civil war, on the principle of “it is my command” and “things will go as I see fit, or else these hundred thousand fighters are ready to invade your cities and villages, similar to what they did it in Syria, as well as in Yemen and Iraq”. He at the same time sent a clear message to the leadership of the Lebanese army that either the armed forces would remain neutral, or the 100,000 would fight.

This level of arrogance has dragged the Lebanese Shiites to an unprecedented killing in history. Yes, he will fight with their blood and their corpses when the rest of the Lebanese sects antagonize them. They have several examples in this regard, starting from the 1993 war through the Grapes of Wrath and ending in the war of “I wish I knew” in 2006, the outcome of which was catastrophic.

Today, the Lebanese people have no escape from confronting this terrorist gang that led them to starve and isolated them from the world, and made the Arabs flee from Lebanon as if they were infected with the plague. This is the accurate description that US Secretary of State George Shultz gave following the decision of the administration of President Ronald Reagan to ban travel to Lebanon in 1985. It seems that the decision didn’t cure it until today because the antidote did not come due to fear of this deadly disease called Hezbollah.

We must call on the Lebanese to fear God in their country, and to unite behind Sameer Geagea — the leader of the real resistance — to confront this incurable disease.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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