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Last treatment of Tehran’s terrorism is cauterization

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

It is evident that the game of masked terrorism being played by Iran in the region is all that it can resort to, especially after its leaders have realized that the United States of America is not merely flexing its military muscles by mobilizing its air and marine military personnel in the region, and planning to send 120,000 soldiers.

This is seconded by President Donald Trump’s statement which warns Iran of huge suffering if it commits anything erroneous in this regard.

The warnings issued by the US administration is not different from those issued to advice Iran throughout the past years. However, instead of taking the advice, Iran chose to dance on the edge of hell in a game of impractical threats, given that reality begs to differ.

The political tone used by the leaders of Iran is no different from that used by the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein when he would threaten to burn down half of Israel, hang American soldiers on the fences of Baghdad, and make the US bow in the Iraqi desert. He had warned about the presence of ballistic missiles and Jerusalem army of seven million personnel, in addition to the song of foreigners which his Information minister Mohammad Saeed Al-Sahhaf sang for two years before the US invasion of Iraq.

At that time, Saddam was practicing masqueraded terror via some groups affiliated to him, exactly the way the Mullahs of Iran, who are living in the dark ages, are currently doing. Nevertheless, all these rhetoric and threats did not deter the strongest military in the world from invading Iraq within a few days, and chasing away Saddam and his ruling clique. In fact, the leader of the Iraqi regime took refuge in a hole inside a farm to hide and save his head from the hangman.

During the period between February 2003 and April 2003, all Baath leaders were certain that the US will not dare engage in a war with Iraq. They built their illusions on the rainbow of analysis which proved to be empty. They failed to properly analyze the reality of events and politics, covering their ears and eyes from anything that would prevent the war from erupting.

Iraq’s scenario is repeating in Iran where intimidation and threats from its leaders have intensified. They have vowed to set fire to the entire Gulf waters under the American feet, sink the aircraft carriers, and other such threats based on empty words which cannot avert the war but will instead increase the chances of its occurrence.

There is difference in the cases of Saddam and Khomeini; in the case of the former, it was Saddam and Sahhaf who were issuing threats, but in the case of the latter, the threats are coming from about 20 entities, each with its own dictionary. This is a clear indication that there is division in the Iranian leadership, which is already suffering from international isolation and public wrath. In addition, the release of threats by Iran has never been interpreted on the ground, which renders the entire political and military scene as comical.

Therefore, the various terrorist attacks and acts of sabotage being exercised directly by Iran or indirectly via its agents in the region are tantamount to a person putting his head inside a hornet’s nest from which he definitely will not come out unharmed. This is due to the fact that it is not the region alone that has been enduring the terrorism and recklessness of Iran but even the entire world.

Therefore, it is imperative today to administer the last treatment, which is cauterization, so that the regime falls in order to rescue the Iranians, the region and the world from this terrorist clique.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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