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‘Kuwait for those who love it’ – ‘Ease healthcare burden’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

I am glad with the response I received on the previous article, and I reiterate my respect for the honorable MP Safaa Al-Hashim. I also appreciate any effort rendered for the good of the general public. We all know that any kind of effort exerted for public good is prone to succeed or fail, and positive steps made toward any issue usually stimulate or open the door for fruitful discussion and dialogue.

To be frank, there are many solutions to healthcare problem in the country that could be implemented without touching the pockets of citizens and expatriates; for instance, experts coming up with modern healthcare system that preserves the rights of our State without upsetting the weakest link— the expatriate.

As I mentioned in the previous article, solutions that include implementation of a distinguished health insurance system in the initial stage, and developing the clinics into minihospitals will ease burden on the major government hospitals. With regard to health insurance, relevant fees should be paid before approval of any type of visa, including tourist visa—similar to the condition of residency permit (visa).

This measure will preserve the expatriate’s right to healthcare, protect the rights of the State, and push the wheel of development in private health sector. One common mistake repeated again and again is the implementation of the current health insurance scheme from which nobody derives benefit. How could any person pay KD 50 for health insurance and still pays KD 1 or KD 2 to be checked by a doctor? In some cases, they pay additional fees for medical tests that might be required as a matter of urgency? I sincerely hope our honorable MP will withdraw her unfortunate proposal or replace it with something uncontroversial.

Kuwait is a wealthy country and its bliss of its wealth spreads to all parts of the world, meaning those living on its land should be the first to enjoy a reasonable life of ease, given that citizens and expatriates in one way or the other serve the country with commitment.

A word to our kind residents: as you seek your livelihood in Kuwait, take care of this country and be sincere to her. Remember your home is where you find your sustenance, shelter and protection. To help in resolving the healthcare predicament, foreigners with expertise in this regard could publish their opinions in the Arab Times newspaper or send suggestions to the parliament. Perhaps, everyone will benefit. Kuwait is for those who love, live and provide services to her; Kuwait is not for its citizens only.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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