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King Mohammad VI & political discourse

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

NOT many countries can stand the competition for transformation currently happening in the Arab World through the major democratic stride that became the standard by which efforts to shake internal stability is forestalled.

Kingdom of Morocco is one of the few countries where the leader, King Mohammad VI, has been exerting tireless efforts for years to improve the constitutional institutions in a way that meet the aspirations of citizens, as he lifted the democratic performance in the last parliamentary elections which manifested in the voter turnout and impartial scientific administration guaranteeing the ability of electorate to demonstrate the needs of their constituencies with realistic programs.

This was exactly the words expressed by the King in his speech at inauguration of the first round of the legislative term two days ago. The lines of speech contained several proofs relating to the rate at which King Mohammad VI understands the affairs of his subjects and conducts practical follow-ups without depending on the accounts of his advisers. He works upon the principle that ‘good governance can only be achieved by ingratiating one’s self with the populace rather than observe them from an ivory tower.

Based on his viewpoint that political speech in Morocco is never up to the standard expected by citizens, King Mohammad VI hinted that working towards trivial disputes is always at the expense of serious issues and the real problems citizens face, which could lead to lack of public acceptance of the political activities in general and make citizens show indifference to the real parliamentary role.

In situations where updating of laws become the main issue in the development of entire country, the speech goes a long way to clear the way for development. The major issue established here is ‘citizen’s legitimacy’, which the people of Moroccan Sahara were able to display by electing their representatives into Parliament.

The King stated that “citizen and democratic legitimacy achieved through the elected lawmakers who were voted freely makes them the real representatives of Moroccan Sahara residents. This is not a situation of a minority living outside the country and deceiving themselves by self-imposition without foundation to show they are true representatives.”

This is really a giant stride that adds value to the years of efforts exerted by the Moroccan struggler in the part of the Kingdom’s territory to challenge perpetual foes for several years without any justification other than inciting a handful of people driven by the illusion of secession that is only brightened by the fire of regional greed.

Today, Morocco has overcome the crossroads where some countries are still stuck. At the time the so-called “Arab Spring” has led some countries to division and civil war, the Kingdom of Morocco remains united by getting over stagnancy and fluctuation to attain development. The ability of the King to be a visionary who closely monitors the affairs of citizens transformed the stage to a historical opportunity for completing the building of democracy and a modernized country, while striving hard to achieve eternal development whose sole pillar is human.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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