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Khamenei repeats Khomeini’s crime

THE supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei downplaying the reality of the dire situation in his country; from its destruction, to frustrate and accuse neighboring countries of being mercenaries, is considered a clear attempt to divert the attention of his starving nation away from the daily uprisings that send chills to the regime.

By doing so, history is repeating itself — as roughly 30 years ago, his predecessor Khomeini announced that he felt like he was drinking from a poisonous cup while signing the resolution of the United Nations to end the Iran-Iraq war.

At that time, Khomeini was succumbing to the reality he was obstinate to yield to for almost 8 years, and if he was not pressured by the counter-revolution and hundreds of thousands of orphans and widows that fled that war, he would have continued to deny the reality for twenty or even thirty years. Perhaps, that war would have been the 20th century “Dahis and Ghabra” — the long war fought by two major Arab tribes in the pre-Islamic area.

In the course of the Iran-Iraq war, the intelligence agencies of Iran launched terrorist operations in the world and the region, and instigated sectarian conflicts under the pretext of it being the decisive war for “the Islamic revolution to gain divine victory”.

Those agencies worked on establishing terrorist gangs in Lebanon, Iraq, and currently in Yemen and Syria, and went on to interfere in the internal affairs of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, but the wickedness brought them choking sanctions — something Khamenei is yet to realize.

There is no doubt that this year carries a mishmash of evidences explaining the massive paradigm shifts in the region — in relation to efforts of the West to end the terrorism catastrophe that has scattered many Arab nations.

The situation has created an unprecedented refugee crisis for Europe since World War II, besides the fact that the global economic condition can no longer bear the huge cost of wars. Nobody in this world wants the regime to be deeply engrossed with international law violations with the intention of blackmailing other countries.

Denying the reality of the current action of Ali Khomeini cannot stop the starvation of Iranians, while provocation of neighboring states cannot guarantee job opportunities to wipe out unemployment that has reached 13 percent in a society where the youth account for 62 percent of its 80 million population. What has been happening in the last three weeks and still prevailing in some cities of Iran causes the withdrawal of buttons from the hands of the regime and beleaguers them to the point of suffocation.

For this reason, the Iranian regime currently suffering from a destructive internal situation will not be strong enough to deal with fires they have caused, despite some of its leaders boasts about gaining control of four Arab capitals.

In politics, there is an obvious axiom rule about the strength of nations in the sense that a nation cannot be strong outside and weak internally. There are many examples in this regard, and the economy and living standards of Iranians will force Kho  meini and his regime to drink a glass of poison this time by withdrawing from hostile areas they have created in order to save face and secure the minimum standard of living for the people.

They will be forced to use billions of dollars, which in the last budget was US $20 billion, domestically instead of spending on militias and gangs outside. They will be convinced that revolutions crawl on empty stomachs, and guess how many empty stomachs are there in Iran!

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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