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Jaber Al-Mubarak as never seen before

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT was a successful timely step taken by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to expound, in a long televised interview, the problems facing the country and the means that can guarantee their solutions.

The people of Kuwait are in dire need for such explanations from the top official of the executive authority, especially after the several exploitations and fuss that transpired over the “touching the income of citizens”, and the parliamentary campaigns that opposed every amendment and rationalization of the subsidies of goods and services. All these had portrayed the government as a hostile entity against the people of Kuwait.

The interview was spontaneous. Perhaps, it uncovered the obscurity over the lack of straightforwardness and transparency by the government. Despite the fact that whatever His Highness the Prime Minister said is true in line with the principle of “Actions speak louder than words”, it does not hurt to have televised or press interviews in this regard from time to time.

This is because such interviews contribute further to the concept of transparency and give a feeling of direct touch on issues concerning people through the answers to their questions, as the media will convey to him what the advisors fail to do or what gets omitted from the reports.

Most of the time, the Council of Ministers’ weekly report might not be enough. In fact, it could raise several questions.

Furthermore, the issues that are being raised either by the Parliament or in the media could result in unnecessary misinformation because of the government’s failure in clarifying matters. It could help those who are on a witch-hunt to portray the image of His Highness the Prime Minister in a skewed manner in order to promote their agendas. This will lead to further misconception and will weaken the position of the government.

The abovementioned fact as well as the campaigns against the ministers have rendered ministerial job as repellant, as described by “Al-Mubarak”. Perhaps, it is high time to change that image. How wonderful will it be if we can see more of His Highness the Prime Minister’s appearance on television!

In this interview, we saw Jaber Al-Mubarak in his real nature — the kind of personality that we know of as genuine. He does not gamble with his abilities. All that he does is demonstrate his abilities at the right time.

This was evident during his two interpellations in the same session when he managed to face both of them appropriately. The clearest evidence to that is His Highness the Amir’s acknowledgement of his performance. The political leadership had described his performance as exquisite.

Antagonists of His Highness the Prime Minister thought they could portray him in whatever image they want. They probably thought his lack of appearance in the media is due to his inability to confront or counter such actions. However, it seems his political experience, especially in Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Information, rendered him to reserve the element of surprise for a suitable time.

Therefore, after the two famous interpellations and the long television interview, his adversaries should recalibrate themselves. There is no doubt that they will be faced with a task which will not be an easy one at all.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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