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Saturday , January 16 2021

Is there light at tunnel end?

I will do what I have been doing for the past half a century – choose the person to represent the nation not to represent me – in the next Parliament, but I am tired of the situation like many others who share the same feeling. Everyone looks disgusted and no light can be seen at the end of the tunnel that a radical change is in the offing.

The vote-buying and the change of housing addresses continue to happen and what is talked about of the religious parties pumping donors’ money into the elections for the benefit of those who represent them is almost true, especially in light of a fatwa that has been issued by Al-Nashmi permitting that, (according to my knowledge) all of these things make the situation almost hopeless, but there remains a glimmer of hope.

There are five election constituencies and each constituency will send 10 MPs to the Parliament. The country is divided in a manner that achieves the government the upper hand, and does not allow one group to override the other, while giving more weight to the first, second and third constituencies.

With the increase in the number of voters in the fourth and fifth constituencies and with it the increase in tribe belonging, with indirect government support, and the increase in wealth of those living in these two constituencies some were able to penetrate the first three and win seats from there, with the near impossibility of the opposite to happen.

As a consequence, the conservative nature will prevail in the Assembly, and the desire to keep the situation as it is, if not pushing it to a situation worse than it is, and pushing the government to spend extravagantly on citizens, increasing salaries and subsidies, because a majoring of the deputies believe that everything is temporary, and the State is fleeting. We say it and hope we are wrong.

If I could clone myself, or if I had the right to choose ten candidates, instead of one, then I would do the following: The first constitu-ency: I will choose with satisfaction Abdullah Jassim Al-Mudhaf. I will also give my vote to Professor Ghadeer Asiri. I will give my vote, with the strongest reservations to Khaled Al-Shattim and I will explain the reason for choosing him.

In the second constituency, I will choose Badr Hamed Al-Mulla, and I will give my vote to Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim, in addition to Jamal Ahmad Al-Sayer, and of course, to Mrs Alia Al-Khaled. As for the third constituency, my choices will be limited to Sheikha Al-Jassem and Abdul Rahman Mahdi Al-Ajami.
I will definitely choose the most important and best representative, in my opinion and many others Ahmad Nabil Al-Fadl, the best per-formance in the last Assembly council.

I give my virtual vote to Khaled Al-Shatti despite my disagreement with him goes back to what I heard from two deputies about his competence as a deputy and a legislator and keen on what is required of him, regardless of his sectarian principles.
His performance is also praised by even those who were once hostile to him, and therefore I will choose him, although I know that the mobs will accuse me of sectarianism, but this does not concern me, as I know myself well better than others do.

Khaled Al-Shatti is sectarian, as they say, and if he does not succeed, another sectarian will come. Sectarian and tribal success criteria currently prevail and they are what guarantee victory for the candidate, in light of government laxity in curbing such dangerous trends or tendencies, and therefore why not support a sincere sectarian for his work as a legislator and a person with a good mentality, instead of a corrupt and ignorant sectarian?
This is a viewpoint that can be accepted or rejected, and I am not insisting on it. In the end, the matter is up to the choices the voters make based on his/her his conscience.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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