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Irrational naturalization


Unjust is the one who violates the rights of others for his own benefit, and injustice prevails when we remain silent in the face of the mistakes committed by those who are under our care, because our silence will encourage them to commit more mistakes which then will grow into misdemeanors and felons.

I write this to comment because of all rumors and facts about the transgression of national identity which happened almost sixty years ago and it increased unreasonably after the liberation of the country from Iraq’s invasion.

The number of citizens bloated through random naturalization all because of grants and benefits given to the citizens including the payment of 50 dinars for each child per month irrespective of the number of children. These advantages encouraged tens of thousands to marry more than one woman to get the allowance for themselves by having the largest number of children while leaving the issue of their upbringing to the street.

If there were no material benefits, free medical treatment, subsidized materials, and no tax, no one would think about buying citizenship. The distinguished MP Ahmad Nabil Al-Fadhel clearly said in his speech a few days ago when he mentioned that the rate in population in Kuwait has increased especially in 2004 to 2008 which surged to about 5% while the population growth rate does not exceed 3%.

Speaker of the National Assembly perhaps before taking office spoke about this serious issue. He stated in the same vein as MP Al-Fadhel that the number of people who received citizenship in an improper manner is about one third of the population of Kuwait.

Former interior minister had warned very recently against the manipulation of national identity and warned of random naturalization. If we assume the number of the naturalized persons is reduced by half, or 200,000, this means that there are 200,000 new civil IDs issued to them recently, and about 200,000 passports, almost 200,000 nationalities, and 200,000 files in the Interior Ministry and all the issuance of decrees include 200 ,000 people, and the publication of the names of 200,000 in the Official Gazette and this was accompanied by more than two million signatures on these transactions from various offi- cials, all this, as I understand, difficult to occur without arousing the curiosity of a party.

Thus, there are two possibilities: Either the Speaker of the National Assembly and MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel are wrong and there is no random naturalization or there is already something like that. If they were right, what prevented them from activating their constitutional tools and holding accountable all those involved in the matter, especially since the fate of the homeland and the full identity of the individual are at stake? If they were wrong, why all former interior ministers and all other parties concerned with naturalization and passports, nationality, Public Authority for Civil Information and Kuwait Al-Youm (the official gazette) and others did not deny what the two legislators said and why the Ministry of Planning failed prove that the increase in population was normal, and there is no cause for concern, or otherwise. Of course it is almost impossible to turn the clock back but if it is correct we only want to know the truth.

We also hope that this will teach a lesson for all and lead to the closure of the gates of naturalization forever and limit it to those who are entitled such as the bedoun or those who have rendered great services to the nation.
In the same context, I refer to MP Abdullah Al-Roumi who in the Parliament mentioned the name of the former minister of Awqaf. He stated that he recently participated in the reinstating nationality of some, including those convicted for murder and that this may mean that the government is bowing down to specific forces which are concerned with reinstating the citizenships that had been revoked earlier.

The MP did not go on to say that a member of the Nationalization Committee, whose name was mentioned, who may have resigned as minister or was relieved of his duties under external political pressure because of suspicions surrounding him, becoming the closest to the decision-making center.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the people of the Eastern Christian Churches on the glorious holidays.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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