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Iraqi protesters of today, children of yesterday’s soldiers

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

AS usual, the leaders in the Mullahs regime, not even those who revolve around their axis, do not learn from the lessons of past. They reassure themselves about their present as if they are the masters of time and space. This is why this regime was left in a confused state after the Iraqi youth took to the street in protest.

The regime believed that they are immune from such protests just because certain sectarian militias are in control on the ground, and also because of certain figures belonging to a particular sect that is politically loyal to them.

The Mullahs believe they are safe from the ongoing uprising brewing in Iraq. They comfortably attributed it to infiltrators and conspirators from outside. However, despite the attempts to suppress it and the killings being practiced as well as the presence of proxy militias supported by the Revolutionary Guards under the direct guidance of Qassem Suleimani, the momentum of the protest increased. Perhaps the decision-makers in the Mullahs regime should have gone back in history to learn, so that they do not enter Iraq boasting of controlling it, before returning to the bitter memories left behind by the years of the Iran-Iraq war, during which the propaganda of Khomeini failed to win the Shiites of Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that the Shiites in Iraq constituted about 70 percent of the Iraqi army. They fought alongside their Sunni, Sabian, and Kurd brothers because the war was about protecting the national identity, and not for lifting oppression on Shiites, as the Mullahs assumed. This prompted them to “export their revolution” to the Arab World.

Today, the bloodbath being practiced by the sectarian militias has transformed into a volcano of anger that erupted in Kufa, Najaf, Karbala, Basra, Baghdad and Dhi-Qar, led by young men in their prime age, and the children and grandchildren of those soldiers.

It has become clear that they will not return to their homes under any pressure without achieving their legitimate demands because their demands express their pain of hunger and impoverishment. They are also seeking to protect their country from the turmoil of the Persian monster, which started devastating Iraq with the help of hired agents who have barricaded the country.

The uprising, which has been ongoing for nearly three months, has brought down the 40-year effort of the Mullahs regime in its quest to devour the region. This happened after its leaders boasted in many forums that Iraq is their backyard and strategic depth. However, all that has changed to Iraq being their greatest concern after this uprising managed to cast its lava into Iran.

The objectives of both the uprisings in Iraq and Iran are to bring down the expansionism scheme, and stop the squandering of billions on terrorism to achieve imaginary goals that do not exist except in the minds of the leaders of the Mullahs regime and their Iraqi agents.

Indeed, this revolution and the protests that did not fade over the past weeks were carried on the shoulders of the pure Iraqi national youth who come from the poverty belts.

They rejected the looting factory in the Greed Zone, which is covered with religious cloak on the Iraqis, millions of who are rejecting any partisan, creedal and sectarian division, as well as systematic ideology, because they belong to Iraq, a country that is rewriting its history today, transcending the sectarian voodoo.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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