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Iraqi anger haunts Tehran’s gangs

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THE illusionary divine victories that Iran has been attempting to claim have no real meaning. Irrespective of whether in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen or Syria, the ugly reality of the crimes committed by this rogue state emerges with every sunrise, not only in the region, but also within Iranian borders.

Therefore, its attempt to delude the Iraqis and the Iranians by claiming that the withdrawal of the American military from Iraq is due to the shellings of the sectarian gangs backed by Iran is a futile one. The fact that they have forgotten, as usual, is that the process of this withdrawal has been in motion since 2011. In fact, the process would have been completed a long time ago if not for Tehran’s backing of ISIS.

This scene is an exact replica of what Iran tried to do in Lebanon in the year 2000. It portrayed Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon to be the result of the impact of the strikes fired by its gangs, and announced an illusory victory over the rubble of a crushing defeat for its project in the region.

The Mullahs regime also tried to exploit its war against Israel in Lebanon in 2006, when the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah emerged after 33 days of killing and destruction to announce his divine victory, and played on the people’s desperation and thirst for any victory over Israel after a long history of defeats, showing indifference to the massive destruction that befell Lebanon from the far north to the far south, and the thousands that were wounded or died.

Based on this fact, it was not surprising that the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards issued orders to the sectarian militias to escalate their attacks against the American forces. They are looking for anything in which to invest, which could be more disinformation both internally and regionally in order to prolong their presence in Iraq, and also to claim that the largest military force in the world withdrew from Iraq due to its inability to withstand the “missiles”, which are actually more like fireworks than weapons.

Iran forgets the fact that the need for the United States to ensure a massive military presence in the region has been exhausted after the defeat of ISIS.

From this standpoint, it is possible to analyze the sectarian militia attacks not only on the interests of Washington and its forces, but also on civilian and health facilities. It was because these gangs are trying to kill two birds with one stone – the first is to mislead the masses and dupe them with illusionary victory, and the second is an attempt to hide all the evidence that condemn them in terms of the systematic looting, impoverishment and starvation of the Iraqis, as well as to use this great country as a backyard for Iranian terrorism.

However, like in all countries where Iran wreaked sabotage and corruption, these lies will not deceive the Iraqis. Betting on people to forget their tragedies by throwing crumbs of fake victories will not extinguish the volcano of anger that is raging under the ashes of the stifling living crisis that led these Iraqi puppet gangs to them.

The blood of innocent Iranians who were executed by the Mullahs regime for forty years under the pretext of conspiring to rule is the best evidence. This blood continues to haunt the Mullahs, even in their nightmares.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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