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Saturday , October 19 2019

‘If you are doing well, all the people are then well’

The relationship between the government and the people, most often and throughout history, is based on the number of mutual interests, especially in pluralistic societies, where anticipation, caution and restraint are sometimes occasionally accompanied with cooperation and cohesion in adversity. Honestly speaking, the connection between the people of the Gulf region with their rulers is described a one of a kind relationship and vice versa. This is due to the role of the inherited by noble Arabian values and traditions that resulted in these values existing in the people’s behavior.

This often resulted in the pride of the Gulf citizens with their rulers and subordinates which is a source of pride and mutual recognition, and it is a great blessing, we pray God (Allah) to perpetuate this blessing upon us.

I am saying this because of the amount of prayers and passionate feelings that I have personally observed for the speedy recovery of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, whom travelled to Germany to perform an operation that was completed successfully by God (Allah’s) will.

In fact, Abu Abdullah is one of the most beloved and influential figures among the Kuwaiti people for his sincere efforts to keep Kuwait a pioneer in many fields. He is an honest and a humble expert advisor with a broad view of the future of Kuwait.

He is supervising the Kuwait 2035 Vision which will be an economic leap resulting Kuwait to take a leading position globally that it deserves with the determination of its people. Looking back to the unity between the government and the people, at the humanitarian level, to well anticipate the fact that the strength of our society lies within the solidarity, brotherhood and sincere true wishes that eventually results turn into good deeds back upon all of us.

This community cohesion strongly appeared after the brutal Iraqi invasion and after attempts to ignite sectarian affliction among the people of Kuwait, which have all failed.

With every exceptional event the Kuwaiti people showed their community strength and cohesion in time of distress, which brings pride and tranquility in the present and future. I ask God (Allah) to unite us and never disperse us as one nation and to give us security, tranquility, heal our patients and give mercy upon our dead and seal the rest of our good deeds.

Finally, I personally congratulate His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah Al-Ahmad on the success of the surgical operation and that he will be well-healed to resume back his work in a healthy condition.

I can only conclude with what the famous poet Al-Motanabi said to the sword of the state at that time:

(I will not give credit for greeting, if you are doing well, all the people are then well).

By Sheikha Hessa Al-Hamoud Al-Salem Al-Sabah



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