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Saturday , January 16 2021

Idiocy of Mullahs in Tehran has no cure

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

PERHAPS, the Iranian regime has become fully aware of the international exposure of its terrorism practices; and that the airstrikes which Israeli is waging on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard arsenals in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria are just the beginning of a new approach towards the Mullahs.

This comes after it became certain that the Mullahs will not abandon their prevailing terrorism demeanor which has continued for 40 years; and they are doing so without a sense of morality, religion or even politics by using the Iranians and nations where terrorist gangs are nesting with the aim of disrupting world peace and security.

Based on this, it is possible to read the new international approach on Iran by summoning Iran’s Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zaref to France on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in order to send that message back to his leaders.

US President Donald Trump indirectly affirmed this when he said: “It is too early to meet Iran,” without forgetting the escalation steps towards direct conflict or through proxies between Israel and Iran in Syria and the southern suburb of Beirut – Dahieh.

The first objective was to take out the operation room associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the killing of several of its officials, in addition to two communication and electronic programming engineers belonging to Hezbollah in what is considered as an operation to determine the pulse of the situation.

This operation was followed by downing a drone in Dahieh, which prompted the Iranian agent in Lebanon – Hassan Nasrallah – to change the rules of encounter; as well as to launch a series of empty threats to shut down a village called ‘Qosaya’ in the eastern side of Lebanon, let alone the intense drones hovering over Lebanese airspace recently.

The objective of all this is to change the rules of the game which has been continuing throughout the previous months. This is in addition to the fact that the lack of international condemnation on Israel’s action is a clear indication of the end of Zaref’s tours in various capitals with the aim of reducing pressure on his country.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s affirmation that Israel will not fold its hands towards threats posed by Iran and it will strike any country which cooperates with Iran in its terrorism. This stern warning was followed by airstrikes on the arsenals in Iraq.

All this is a clear indication that war has started. At least, Iran’s inability to retaliate is a clear sign that all statements and threats made by the entire hierarchy of leadership in Iran are just empty. Perhaps, these statements and threats could bring about concession as indicated by Zaref when he said: “The tough road needs effort and work.”

In all this, the Mullah regime seems to have bearing. Instead of retaliating against the Israelis, it is spilling more blood of the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria as it responds to Israeli airstrikes by providing more missiles to the Houthis for attacking Saudi Arabia.

However, all that is futile. In fact, it weakens the regime and creates a weak position for it in the eyes of its people who come out daily with rage to protest due to their miserable living conditions.

Therefore, the question which begs to be answered: Until when will the stubbornness of Mullahs continue and do they really believe they will obtain victory over the world through some terrorist operations?

It was said a long time ago, “Idiocy has no cure.” Here we are, we see idiocy in its clearest form through the regime in Tehran.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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