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Hosni Mubarak is innocent … forgive them O President

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

“I WAS born and brought up in Egypt. I will continue living in it and I will be buried in its land. I will never leave it.” — This was the response of Hosni Mubarak to the harshest kind of threats launched against him with the aim of forcing him to relinquish power. Every possible kind of accusations was hurled against him. In reality, he was not only accused as an individual, but doubts were cast on Egypt as a whole through such accusations in order to subdue and tame it.

Six years of accusations, to handle which you chose the judiciary while you bore the pain, and due to your faith in Allah followed by your faith in your nation and its institutions which you had built, as well as the integrity of the judiciary, which is inspired by your sincerity in work, you get a new sash on your lapel which is a testimony of your good nurturing.

The vow that you took when the crisis had intensified and many assumed you will flee Egypt has proven that your adherence to your conviction of guiltlessness, justice and loyalty cannot be shaken by any force in this world regardless of its strength. Therefore, we ask you to forgive them.

The trait to forgive when in a place of power belongs to great people — the history makers — because they usually engage in patriotic battles in every place, such as during the October 1973 war when you and your compatriots in the Egyptian Air Force together drew the clearest image of heroism, and during your presidency when you engaged in a battle of development, growth, opening up to the world and bolstering democracy. You made Egypt’s experience of the last three decades a source of inspiration for the Third World countries, as well as a valuable lesson in preservation of the state and its establishments even during the toughest period of conflict.

O’ hon. President Hosni Mubarak, they have been hard on you. They kept mistreating you from every dawn. Now, your prayer for innocence has been accepted. From the start, you did not believe in contradicting your national conscience when dealing with your country and its people.

Such a firm belief is another sash to be added to the sashes of pride and honor that adorn your coat. On the other hand, those who attempted to weaken Egypt are bleeding from their injuries of defeat, regret and isolation. You are now in your humble house after six years of tough times, which afflict those who believe in their God and in their country. All eyes are looking at you as a model now.

Hence, open your doors for the people of Egypt who will come to apologize and seek inspiration from your determination for ensuring the stability of Egypt in the face of all kinds of storms. It is about the citizen who, regardless of the positions he assumes, returns to his house with his head lifted high and with pride like that of the pyramids, the citizen who persists in cultivating and nurturing hope like the gushing waters of the Nile River.

Indeed, they will come to you — people who believe in their nation and in its loyal men, from all provinces and even from the Arab world — to apologize to you for the hardship they caused you and for their assumptions, some of which are alike sins in the eyes of Almighty Allah. What if all those assumptions were malicious? Indeed, the course witnessed some mistakes; it is rare to find no mistakes.

However, mistakes committed in the course of a nation of the size of Egypt are not to be blamed because the initial intention was to adhere to the national principles and serve the people. But such mistakes do not mean the country can be slaughtered, like some who portrayed to be pious in the eyes of people when in reality they were slaves of personal interests, and afflicted with violence, destruction and sedation of people like a herd of sheep being dragged into the dictatorship slauslaughterhouse — the office of the supreme leader of “scoundrels” who attempted to put Egypt between a rock of “takfiri” and disloyalty, and a hard place of surrender to their desires. But they were on your watch and also on the watch of the people.

In less than a year, they were tossed out by the people, and the trust was then placed on one of the most obedient children of the military institution — Field Marshal Abdul Fattah el-Sisi. Almighty Allah suffices us on them. He is the best disposer of the affairs.

It is enough that they are being punished today for their injustice, as some are in the prisons, some have run away, some have been killed and some others are shunned by the people. All that remains is your memoirs when you write them, when many questions will be answered, and Egyptians, Arabs and the world will be your witnesses.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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