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Wednesday , April 24 2019

History and our ‘Iron Man’

The Ironman Triathlon, organized by World Triathlon Corporation consists of swimming, biking, hiking without breaks, is one of the most challenging world-class sporting event that requires great physical energy to win the race and win the title of “Iron Man” and men are few.

This tournament dates back to 1978, 40 years ago. It was held in Ohio, America and then moved to Hawaii, and with time it became universal followed by global media.

Some of our athletes participated in a recent championship but came back empty-handed. The last of them was a Gulf citizen who did not hesitate to announce when he returned home that he had won the first place and the title of Iron Man. His victory was officially welcomed and the media coverage was huge in his homeland.

We are not here to refute this claim. Iron Man’s games were covered by thousands of television networks, radio stations and the press. All of them agreed that the winner of the 2018 title was German Patrick Lange, Bart Aernouts from Belgium came second and David Mcnamee from Britain came third and nothing was mentioned about the Gulf national.

The world record of the winner was 7 hours 52 minutes 39 seconds, while ‘our’ participant came in the 250th place and finished the race in 9 hours and 19 minutes, an hour and a half more, or 87 minutes more than the winner of the first place.

The GCC citizen has the right to claim whatever he wants and this is not the subject of our article, but rather the fact that this event took place only a few days ago before the eyes and lenses of millions of judges, arbitrators, observers and viewers with a difference of more than 5,200 seconds between the first and the one who earned the 250th rank and yet this did not prevent him from falsifying the truth.

If we claim something contrary to the truth of an event that took place few days ago, this makes us wonder about event that occurred hundreds or thousands of years ago, when there were no narrators, no cameras, no judges, nothing. We may ask ourselves here: How we accepted to kill each other and blow up our worship places and the worship places of others based on events we did not attend, and books whose authenticity have not been verified, and stories we know nothing about its accuracy, and the impossibility of confirming what had already happened and who was killed and who was right and who was wrong.

The whole world, even the underdeveloped is laughing at our naiveté and our rivalry and fighting for things and events no one can ever be sure of. If today there are those who would like us to believe that whoever is ranked 250 is the champion, and who will be in inducted in the history of his homeland, there are also millions of others who push us to believe what they promote about biographies, old stories and blatant hostilities that never existed.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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