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Heaven and hell tickets!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

I HAVE always been a fan of Japan, its people, and their norms and traditions.

I recently received a message on social media — which I am sure many readers also received — that summarizes the situation in Japan and its people.

The best summary of that message is — “Japan … the rate of illiteracy is the least in the world … unemployment rate is zero percent … crime rate is the least in human history … knowing that they don’t have a religion, and they believe in neither heaven nor hell … they only believe in human conscience … yet many of us are still saying: We slide because we abandoned our religion!! No, you slide due to ignorance and your sanctification of heaven, short reward, superstition and considering those who oppose you as infidels” … end of quote.

I wholeheartedly support the authenticity of what has been said about the people of Japan. It is enough a pride for Japan and its people that when a personality like Carlos Ghosn — the CEO of French and Japanese companies (Renault and Nissan) — fled to his country Lebanon, they sent the Japanese Minister of Justice to bring him back. Lebanon refused, because the country didn’t have an agreement with Japan for the extradition of criminals. Yet, Japan didn’t give up. The undersecretary of Ministry of Justice visited Lebanon to convince them on the need to release Ghosn who was accused of financial improprieties in his expenditures as the CEO of the giant Japanese company.

If we compare the Japanese effort and determination and the situation in our country where Kuwaiti public fund thieves fled the country with our money and continue to enjoy the comfort of friendly foreign countries with our money, we just have to bow our heads out of respect for Japan and its people, and feel ashamed of our corruption-deteriorated situation.

The famous cardiac physician Magdi Yaqoub saved the lives of hundreds of people in Britain, Egypt, Kuwait and all parts of the world, and had sponsored the establishment of a research center and hospital to treat poor people for free in Egypt. However, a young Egyptian cleric declared that Dr Magdi Yaqoub will enter hell, because he is a Christian and not a Muslim!!

I, and thousands of other people, wish to tell that cleric or any other acclaimed cleric that we will leave heaven for you and other gloomy-faced cohorts who are thinking about other humans if what you said is true-God forbid! What Dr Magid Yaqoub did and is still doing for humanity in terms of the number of lives he saved far outweigh the rewards that you and your cohorts assure with your mouths every day and night. You consider yourselves the tickets to heaven and hell, as though you and your dark ideas are the ones to decide who enters heaven and who enters hell?!!!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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