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‘Govt, Assembly, citizens must work together to end standoff’

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“WHEN the Minister of Finance says ‘The price of a barrel of oil must be $70 to secure the salaries chapter’, this is not an ordinary statement, but rather a flagrant evidence of the lack of vision and the lack of real planning for financial and economic future and a big negative sign, especially since this statement includes, as well, ‘When the price of a barrel reaches $90 it will not help bridge the deficit’ which means the current government is looking under its feet to find a solution to get out of the crisis,” columnist Sattam Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“There is no doubt the political problems that the country is currently facing, as a result of the ongoing confl ict between the National Assembly and the government, do not indicate a sense of national responsibility but rather the parliamentarians and ministers have put the concerns of the ordinary citizens on the backburner and devoted themselves to solving their personal problems that can be postponed, but they don’t.

“Devotion to fight side battles only means one thing, which is that the popular choices in Parliament are misplaced and that the MPs are in no mood to assume responsibilities to play their legislative role, but rather seek to achieve personal glory and nothing more and we cannot rely on whoever acts like that.

“On the other hand, the government does not work to paint a true and transparent picture in front of the MPs and citizens about the nature of the crisis, nor did it work on proper planning or performed its real role as an executive authority to run the country and develop proactive solutions to any expected problems, and this is the reason why the government always finds itself confused.

“The challenge is very big, and unless everyone takes the initiative to redress the matter and work to get out of the tunnel of crisis, all that is going on today in terms of confl icts is like someone who intentionally punches a hole in the ship which is sailing in the midst of a raging sea because the sailors are only looking at their personal interests.

“We imagine a government that has yet to gain confidence facing more interrogations and a National Assembly that did not properly exercise its legislative role since the beginning of the new legislative term devoted to imposing conditions that do not rise to the level of the threat facing Kuwait.

“Does this not mean waste and recklessness? It is more like children in the streets, so we say: Fear God.”

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