Thursday , September 20 2018

Giving back citizenship – ‘Law same for all’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

I wish the empty controversy that surrounds the reinstatement of the revoked nationalities will end and nothing will change.

Opening the door in this direction will not be in the interest of the nation because the issue is not related to revoking nationalities of certain people and then reinstating them for one reason or the other under some pretexts.

It is rather a question of moral values, dignity and prestige of the ruling system. Either the government erred by withdrawing the citizenship from certain individuals or it did not.

If the government has erred, the principle of reinstating the nationality should apply to hundreds of people whose nationalities have been revoked over the past decades, even if the decision to withdraw was correct.

Reinstating the citizenship is not acceptable even if the decision was hard because the prestige of the state should be preserved, or rather what remains of this prestige in the hearts of the citizens. At the moment the relationship between the citizen and the government has reached unprecedented low ebb and the decision to reinstate the citizenship will not help narrow the gap.

This will give rise to the belief that the government in managed unwisely in spite of the fact that it has an army of consultants, and legal advisors particularly if we take into account what has been rumored or leaked reports that there was an oral agreement not to grill the Prime Minister if he agreed to reinstate the revoked nationalities.

Here, the depth of the moral aspect becomes more dangerous. This can be described as circumvention of the provisions of the Constitution, and a stab in the back of ethics by these lawmakers who make unacceptable moves for selfish benefits. The pledges by those lawmakers and people who were stripped of their nationalities that they would not engage in politics in future if the citizenships were reinstated is actually worth nothing, even pledges in writing and in the presence of witnesses.

Nothing can prevent them from political action without actually being on the political scene and the evidence is so many people who actually manipulate the politicians indirectly, meaning they pull the strings from behind the curtain. Nonetheless, the names of politicians who work for them are well-known.

Thus, those whose nationalities will be restored will not hesitate to jump on the political bandwagon and start beating the drums of political activity in a short time regardless of their pledges.

As I say this, there is neither relationship nor personal enmity between me and any politician, except for the sycophants who have sent hundreds of young men to die in Syria and Iraq, while at the same time protecting his children from approaching even the mosques of Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, I oppose the reinstatement of citizenship out of my concern for my small homeland which experiences fragile relationships among various segments. A few days ago, Kuwait lost one of its greatest men Mohammad Al-Bader, with whom I enjoyed special relationship. He was honest and a loyal citizen and proved to us all that it is possible for a citizen to live and work in the mist of the most dangerous devices and destructive souls, and leave this world with utmost veneration and memorable reputation. Our world also lost Jameel Sultan bin Issa, who was a pioneer in a lot of successful projects.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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