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From Tehran to Beirut … ‘Old look’ dictatorship

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE one-party State collapsed with the fall of the Soviet Union and disbandment of communism, which was replaced by dictatorship under the guise of democracy or hidden under a multiparty government with parliamentary elections held according to laws enacted by the despots and ruling parties with a parochial mindset.

This is done to avoid giving a chance for competition; such that the ruling parties monopolize representation in parliaments – whether the House of Representatives, Senate or any other type of legislative authority. This will guarantee its dominance as the majority that enables it to approve oppressive legislation to realize the objectives of a few major players.

The change in method of the despotic government is the natural conclusion which the historically and politically shortsighted despots arrived at. This is the situation of the ruling political class in Beirut and the entire Lebanon, or even the product of political sectarian ideology as the case in Iran, yet their fates remain the same.

Also, the old dictators did not produce a real State as countries can only stand on justice and transparent democracy; away from injustice and repression. All those regimes were enmeshed in corruption, so much that they automatically collapsed from deformity.

The new despots, who believe that deception and fraud can hide their corrupt activities, have forgotten this fact. For instance, the government in Lebanon did not learn from the Arab situation in the past decade. It embarked on procrastination and foot dragging; so when trapped in the corner of public anger, it deliberately resorted to excessive violence, forgetting that it was the cause of the civil war which continued for 17 years and claimed 150,000 lives.

The response was bloodier in Iraq where the other side of the same ugly coin rules. Since the rage of protests sparked, the security forces have opted for live bullets to prevent people from expressing their minds. They were determined to employ the ugly criminality from the Iranian regime as the brain behind it, which sank up to the ears in the blood of protesters.

Perhaps, those tyrants still have a chance to think about the past lessons and experiences by considering what happened in Libya and Yemen, and even communism before that. Citizens did not spare any official who was a part of their repression without being held accountable and the Soviet workers did not forgive any of them.

This is exactly what should Hassan Nasrallah and Iraqi leaders who are agents of Al-Mulla regime use as a guide. They should understand that facing their people, even if by hiding under a legitimate government; the end will be from the market to prison or execution platform, because those crimes do not fade away with time.

Today, as the despotic authorities are using excessive violence against protesters in Beirut or in Iraq where sectarian militants hide in police and security uniforms to kill protesters while the leaders of Al-Mulla regime in Tehran boast in the media about the killing of marginalized protesters in Tehran and other cities, they are only moving the rope of execution closer to their necks.

Without a doubt, those people are not aware that it increases their crises without providing any solution to problems their countries are facing. It only brings closer to the end of their dictatorship, as they are disillusioned that killing some people or putting them in jails can quench the revolution. They do not know they are incapable of killing all citizens or imprison all of them, so they are only setting fire which will consume them sooner or later.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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