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Tuesday , October 20 2020

From Nazism to Al-Khomeini piracy … Chamberlain and Theresa May compromises to save destructive tears

WILL Britain repeat the same grave mistake committed in 1938 when it signed, in conjunction with France, the Munich agreement with the Nazis which, after one year, led to World War II? The situation that warranted this question has to do with the British reluctance to deal with the oil tanker intercepted by the Revolutionary Guard in a bid to compromise over the seizure of an Iranian tanker engaged in oil bunkering — a clear violation of international law. This happened instead of London starting to put pressure on the terrorist Mullah regime, it quickly went into peace talks with Tehran. It announced that it is still considering options to respond, especially in the area of sanctions, but unsure if any of the options will be executed!

After signing the Munich agreement, the then British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain jubilantly returned to London to declare the pessimistic agreement. He said his country, which was not in any way linked to the Sudeten crisis, achieved global victory in restraining the Hitler extremism. However, after a year, the unconquered emperor became the victim of the Nazis who almost assassinated him.

Today, London fell into the pitfall of the nuclear agreement that it no longer defends. It has been expressing concern over disagreement with the United States, while France followed suit. France was the first to set the fire of rejection when it assisted Khomeini in the revolution and was defeated in its territories; thereby, it turned into the first place where Tehran’s agents executed assassinations, particularly in Paris. The first of which was the attempt to assassinate the last prime minister during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi — Shapour Bakhtiar. After this, the Iranians committed other terrorist acts within French territories.

The 1930s scenario is being repeated with differences in certain details. A terrorist regime like Iran — a failed State which violated the international law, is the same enemy that has been battling with these countries. Iran has been committing serious abuses and repression against its citizens, while destabilizing neighboring countries and threatening the strategic interests of superpowers in the region. Nevertheless, Britain, France and Germany — the main victims of Nazism in modern history — continue to appease the regime by succumbing to blackmail against the international community, thereby, impeding the international plan to take a decisive step.

Therefore, these countries should listen very well to the voice of Iranian opposition which knows the regime more than anybody else and understands the necessity to wipe out terrorism in the world and rescue the sensitive region from the war monster. This is impossible without support for efforts to depose the regime which sends ballistic missiles to the capitals of these countries. Definitely, the regime will not hesitate in committing such a stupid act if war breaks out.

Apparently, the current British Chamberlain will not be happy over any new deal with Iran inasmuch as the US administration continues its plan to alienate and weaken the Mullah regime because she knows right from the start that Iran never adhered to the nuclear agreement. Instead, Iran used the agreement as a tool to re-position itself politically in order to carry out terrorist operations in the world.

There is no need to earn ambiguous calculations that will make Iran a superpower because it is not as strong as the Nazi Germany. Hitler of the 1930s was equipped with 10 million soldiers, massive war and civil industries, and strong support base among citizens. He did not experience any protest or demonstration.

In contrast, the Mullah regime lost the citizens’ support under serious international embargo. This regime faces vast opposition presence on the street and internal dispute among government officials. Tribal favoritism is widespread, such that the Iranian situation is very weak and prone to explosions any time. Reluctance and the attempt to appease and strive towards compromise in order to save tears supply oxygen for the regime to continue.

Therefore, it is very important for London, Paris, Berlin and other capitals to understand that giving any room to this regime will lead to tsunami of global terrorism; so instead of the classical world war, there will be terrorist war which nobody can stop, because the executors are like monsters. The clearest proof is terrorist Salman Rauf Salman, Director of Foreign Operations for Hezbollah, as the United States of America and Argentina discovered that he is the brain behind the Buenos Aires bombings after 25 years.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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