Saturday , January 19 2019

‘Friday to witness some clouds’

Sudanese low pressure affecting weather

Seasonal Sudanese low pressure coupled with incoming hot and humid heat waves are causing unfavourable weather conditions like sandstorms in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, May 3, (KUNA): Seasonal Sudanese low pressure, coupled with incoming hot and humid heat waves, are currently causing unfavorable weather conditions in Kuwait. These factors have clouded the skies over the country, thus causing bouts of rain at times and spewing dust at others, according to Kuwait meteorology center.

The skies are forecast, to remain cloudy, fully or partially, amid dust-triggering unsteady southeasterly winds (15-50 km/h), along with more rainfall. Temperature ranging between 34 and 37 degrees, while waves at the sea oscillating between two and six feet.

On Friday, Kuwait is forecast to witness some clouds, unstable northwesterly winds ranging between 8-28 km/h, amid light and scattered rainfalls. At tomorrow’s night, the winds will be largely identical while the heat will be between 21-23 degrees. The winds turn in southeasterly on Saturday and the heat will soar to 36-39 degrees.

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