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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Fill vacancies in private sector with Kuwaitis to end unemployment

“There are advertisements published about job opportunities in the private sector for non-Kuwaitis, which can be filled by Kuwaitis. For example, there are 15,000 jobs announced during the months of July and August 2021, which are for non-Kuwaitis, including jobs for engineers, technicians and administrators,” columnist Abdullah Al-Abduljader wrote for Al-Anba daily.

Abdullah Al-Abduljader

“What I know is that there is a law that sets percentages for appointing Kuwaitis in companies in the private sector, and the private sector is supposed to abide by this law, but we have not seen any statistics in this area – about Kuwaitis being employed in the Kuwaiti private sector, and the extent of their commitment to implementing this law.

“Also, this law has not been amended for a while, especially since there are many Kuwaitis who are looking for job opportunities in the private sector, and there have also been government statements for years to provide job opportunities for Kuwaitis in the private sector, especially government projects and the oil sector, but we have not seen anything of this because if Kuwaitis were appointed to these jobs, the unemployment problem would be solved.

“Currently, there are new projects that are supposed to provide about 1,000 jobs, as in the environmental fuel project, for example, and there are 12 economic projects that can provide jobs for Kuwaitis and in my opinion, these government projects may create more than 100,000 jobs.

“I suggest the government form a committee of retired Kuwaitis who have experience in the labor market and job opportunities and have a good and clean reputation to monitor and follow up on government projects and the oil sector with regard to appointing Kuwaitis in these projects in coordination with the committee and project managers to determine what job opportunities are suitable for Kuwaitis that can be filled by new graduates and experienced Kuwaitis.

“These jobs are officially announced in the Kuwaiti newspapers, and the committee makes sure that Kuwaitis are appointed in these jobs and follow up on their careers and performance. “There should also be a training and qualification program for new graduates to gain necessary skills in their work in government projects and the oil sector. The committee must submit periodic reports on the Kuwaitis working in these projects to the Council of Ministers, and the committee must report directly to the prime minister, because the provision of jobs for Kuwaitis in government projects and the oil sector needs a serious follow-up, implementation and solution to the unemployment problem of Kuwaitis over the coming years.

“I also suggest that the government must review the labor law in the Kuwaiti private sector and amend, add to it to include stability and job security for Kuwaitis in the private sector, amend their ratios and encourage them to participate between the private and government sectors and solve the problem of the economy and government finances.”

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