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Facts outweigh radical lies

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

OUR ears have been deafened by the religious austerity-tinted artificial slogans of the radicals, long beards, ‘below the knee’ dishdashas and deep hatred against those who do not tow their line or follow their uncivilized, outdated principles.

We see in our everyday life many such individuals who do not comply with the morals and principles such as truthfulness, honesty and good conduct although these morals are the essence of religion as taught to us by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who came down to the Earth to teach us righteousness.

I met a young man who manages a huge financial institution which runs on Islamic Sharia laws. This firm has been freed from the clutches of the radicals who exercised control over it for long years.

The young manager told me he was shocked by the number of violations committed by those who were running it in spite of the fact all of them looked pious. I told him ‘I am not surprised by what you have said’ because we are always deceived by their outward appearances and the advice they give to others.

This is because they do not practice what they preach even to the lowest level. Preaching to others has been their habit. For example, look at the violations committed by these men in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and its Secretariat-General.

They carry fake certificates. They put pressure on others to get their children unfairly promoted. We saw how they use everything at their disposal to send their relatives overseas for medical treatment although their cases are not worth five minutes of treatment in a polyclinic.

Recently we saw a clip posted on the social networking website of bearded men caught in an unruly behavior. Their behavior was lamented even by the people who belong to the same ideology.

These idiots wash their hands with ‘Royal Arabian Oud’ — a stylish and warm fougere fragrance with a beautiful kaleidoscope of woody, aromatic green and spicy nuances – after a heavy unhealthy meal. The clip particularly focused on them washing their hands with this most expensive Arabian perfume to portray their hypocrisy.

We ask these men and their like if they are not aware that those who live this kind of life are brothers of devil. Did they not realize that one of their relatives may need this money which they spent on washing their hands? This is just one example of those people who allege they are pious. We pray to Almighty Allah to protect us from such people.

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By Ali Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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