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Saturday , January 23 2021

‘Every action has reaction’


A former academician and politician said during a lecture about 10 years ago to an audience who were pleased by what they heard from him when he said: “Four pounds of anthrax carried by a (guerrilla) from Mexico City tunnels to the United States are enough to kill 330,000 Americans in one hour, if he succeeded in spreading the lethal substance on the population there, and compared this terrible idea with the events of September 11 making the latter look like salad, it earned him a round of applause from the audience as they broke out in laughter”.

The former academician says, with ecstasy and obvious indifference, that the guerrilla here does not need planes, dates or plots, but only some courage and pounds of anthrax and scattering the material on the population, thus the subject seemed to be for fun or entertainment.

His speech was not only the beginning of the spread of our hatred of the entire human race because we have been practicing it with almost the whole world, but it was also a stage of showing our hatred to others especially people whose governments were wronged or oppressed and did not stand by our causes.

I am not here to explain why all the hatred and grudge that some people have against the peoples of the world – a vast majority of innocent people – who have not sinned and have nothing to do with us, but I would like to show that every action has an equal reaction.

Therefore, what is committed by the foolish and the extremists among us or encouraging other persons will result in equal reaction, perhaps stronger and more violent.

When we are not merciful with ourselves and cruel with our brothers, this will encourage our enemies to strip and deprive us of our liberties and end our lives, such as the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand and elsewhere.

This criminal, who has no minimal passion, has every reason to justify his atrocious crime. He may have heard what our “thinkers”, our religious scholars, and our politicians have said, and inevitably, he must have heard about the bombings of our mosques by ‘ourselves’, and we shedding our blood easily, and thus the Muslim worshippers have become easy prey, showed no mercy and killed as we also have not shown any mercy towards them.

This Australian criminal killed fifty innocent Muslims, in what is known as ‘white terrorism’, but we did not limit ourselves to committing all the other colors of terrorism against others, and to ourselves before them.

Until we decide to have mercy on one another, we must not expect others to be merciful to us. This is not a justification for the crimes committed against us, nor a justification for the increasing wave of hatred against Muslims, wherever they may be, neither restricting the words of this academician and other extremists.

It is merely a reminder that others have the right to hate and fight us as long as we give ourselves the right to hate, and fight and set our anger and curse them.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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