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Dreams of Turkish bats

SINCE the beginning of the crisis, we have said that acts fabricated by Turkey against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are part of a drama series which will not end until Ankara exhausts the political bourse, and the leadership is convinced that it cannot reach the target it has been striving to achieve.

This is because Saudi Arabia is not the limping side which can be beaten easily. The continuous chain of leakages on the Muslim Brotherhood social media or media platforms owned by the Turkish Justice and Development Party cannot break the strong Saudi Arabia.

After the statement released by Saudi Public Prosecution, it is pertinent for everybody to understand that the game is over. The content of the statement was enough to set the record straight. I do not believe Turkey can match the minimum standard of Saudi transparency in such a crime which has been condemned by the highest authorities in the Kingdom. All suspects are now under judicial custody, facing interrogation and the Attorney General has revealed the most important points in this regard.

In fact, what is behind the Turkish mask and some countries, which flock together with it in the orbit of the evil campaign against the Kingdom, has not been hidden from anybody since the beginning, even prior to committing this crime. Ankara is looking for a needle in a haystack to instigate war against the Kingdom, just to actualize the wish announced by the Turkish president long ago: “Turkey is the only one capable of leading the Muslim World.”

The wish did not materialize through the so-called ‘Arab Spring,’ because its flame is far from the Kingdom and other Arabian Gulf countries. Ankara was enraged, worried and uncomfortable after Riyadh included the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorists. Prior to that, Riyadh expelled members of the group from its territories and cleansed the educational curricula which the group used for a long time to spread destructive ideologies to governments and institutions.

Some people, including those managing the media belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey such as Al-Jazeera TV, think that mere talk on certain records will lead to the isolation of Saudi Arabia or weaken the position of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. Actually, all these thoughts are nothing but dreams of the bats.

Furthermore, the information that Ankara handed over to the Saudi authorities, denying any link with the Crown Prince and the killing of Khashoggi, proved that the leakages campaign failed; unless those who committed the crime filmed the whole criminal act and handed over the film to the Turkish!

Here, I am not delving into Ankara’s violation of the Vienna Convention on consular representation by spying on consular delegations. I will only say: “Tell a wise man about bizarre events and if he believes they are true, he is a brainless man.”

On the other hand, the declaration of some countries, including Germany, on suspending the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia is useless since the latter has no intention to own internationally prohibited weapons or nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia is looking for traditional weapons which are available in tens of countries and these weapons could even be manufactured in the Kingdom.

This campaign will not persuade the armies of other countries to attack Saudi Arabia, considering the latter has strong diplomatic relations with most countries and it is essential to the global economy.

Thus, those trying to portray Saudi Arabia as a devil must wake up from the illusions of bats and realize the truth before they run out of time. Even the United States of America, where some voices opposing Saudi Arabia have been heard, knows well that it cannot afford to give up an important ally no matter how fierce the media campaign is. The reality disproves the content of such media campaigns. These campaigns will never affect the historical relations between Saudi Arabia and United States of America.

Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood have to wake up from their dreams. International relations are based on common interests and they have nothing to do with slogans.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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