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Tuesday , September 29 2020

Dreams of Persian Shiite peacocks evaporate

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE scene of millions of Iraqi citizens demonstrating on Iraqi streets to call for lifting the Iranian hand from their country is not strange.

Despite the fact that economic factors sparked the demonstrations, the Iraqis want to find the reason behind the crises they have been facing since the very first day due to the growing influence of the Mullah regime.

This influence is growing not only in Lebanon where Hassan Nassrallah revealed in his recent television speeches that he is the supreme leader of the current regime in Iraq dominated by sectarian militias. Such crystal clear domination is reflected in the recent killing of civilian demonstrators on Iraqi streets.

This scene contradicts all the slogans adopted by the peacocks of extension arrogance for more than 40 years such as “international arrogance” or “Big Devil and Small Devil” referring to America and Israel. Days proved that Khamenei and his men in the regime in Tehran keep on practising dictatorial arrogance, believing they are above international questioning. They interfere in the affairs of other countries. This means they play the role of the devil in terms of destabilizing nations.

Undoubtedly, the fraud committed by inhabitants of the Middle Ages ideology caves in the last four decades against their own people or some minorities in some Arab countries has fallen not because of wars, battles and missiles, but due to the peoples’ exasperation.

Ironically, most Iranian schemes in the two Arab countries that Iran considers its own backyard failed. The Iranian regime never thought that a day would come when these two countries could rebel against its policies.

Today, fraud collapsed when the Iraqi citizens raised slogans calling for an end to domination of the Iranian regime and dismissal of the Revolutionary Guard. This was so obvious when demonstrators attacked Iranian consulates in different cities, the last of which was Karbala.

The Iranian regime has some influence in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Nevertheless, it has never obtained respect of the Lebanese or Iraqis. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is trapped in Syria searching for a way to get out with the lowest amount of humiliation especially since millions of Syrians rejected the existence of Iranian militias in their country. Even the projects (bribe) that the Iranian regime has hinted about will not do.

This realistic image has prompted 90 percent of the Lebanese and Iraqis to rush to the streets, rejecting the control of the gangs of Khamenei over both countries. The same image exists in Iran. The former supporters of Khomeini’s revolution against the Shah became part of the prominent opposition. Bzar which represents the active political power and cultural elite class expressed their opposition to the regime openly. On the other hand, millions of needy and starving citizens in many Iranian cities called for remedying their conditions.

The axes have become so obvious. There is no longer argument about the present condition of the Mullah regime which aimed to transform the region into the Shiite corridor according to the Persian concept covered with the mask of exporting the revolution. The Persian regime committed all sorts of evil in order to accomplish such objectives either by instigating sectarian disputes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon or planting Sunni and Shiite terrorist groups in different parts of the world.

Therefore, whenever the Iranian regime sends messages to Gulf countries and talks about the importance of concluding compromises for safeguarding Hormuz Strait, it looks like a broke trader searching for any penny in his old records.

Whoever experienced the Iranian regime will not be deceived by such nonsensical talks circulating in Iran. The only way for the Iranian regime to prove good intentions is to stop the bloodshed in Iraq now and then end all relations with terrorism. The Iranian regime must admit its crimes against the Lebanese, Iraqis and Yemenis; otherwise, it will continue digging its own grave.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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