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Saturday , February 27 2021

‘Drain the mosquito swamp’

A former deputy appeared on television crying over his misfortune and the situation he had ended up in, saying he did not know the cause of the ‘injustice’ done to him. After losing the parliamentary seat, he suddenly found himself without salary, no work, and deprived of political activity – unable to contest elections and be elected.

Some sympathized with him and another colleague of his and it is said that a former Interior Minister and an influential personality intervened on their behalf and re-appointed them at the university, and this means increasing the dose of extremism because of their declared sectarian stances that they did not inevitably abandon.

One of them is also known for picking up disputes with the regimes of several countries and the most dangerous of which is his active participation in the region’s wars, financing and buying weapons, fighting and even helping operate cannons of ISIS fighters, and all of this happened in public and documented by various local and international news agencies.

The wisdom says that eliminating the mosquito problem is not done by dealing with it one by one, but by draining the swamps in which they breed. This is logical and acceptable talk; however, draining swamps requires the following :

First, amending the school curricula and cleaning them of all extremist ideas.

Second , suspend any teacher accused of promoting extremist ideas at any stage of the teaching profession. Staying put at home with a paid salary is less dangerous and better than being at work. Those accused by global and regional forces of terrorism cannot return to the teaching profession because they will continue to market their extremist ideas among their students and call for violence against those who contradict them, especially those who have earlier admitted to participating in training and recruiting thousands of fighters to Syria.

Third, expediting the filing of extremism and terrorism cases to the courts since it has taken more than two years for the judiciary to issue its first verdict in the case of a known global terrorist, and now it will be years before the final verdict is issued by the Court of Cassation.

Fourth, amend the mosque’s sermons to be more in line with the street pulse with preachers focusing on morals and people’s concerns and not encouraging extremism and abusing those who provided us with services in terms of security, medicine and food.

Fifth, preventing people of extremist ideology from appearing in interviews or enabling them to broadcast their views and ideas, whether on official or private channels, because that has a bad effect on young people, and opening the way for those with enlightened ideas to appear on the channels, and not restricting them, as is the case today.

Sixth, preventing people with extremist ideas and belonging to religious parties from entering state and private schools, meeting students and giving lectures because of the social risk involved.

We return to the issue of university professors who have been or will be returned to the teaching profession, and we say that they and others accused of State Security cases do not have the least and indispensable knowledge, no useful experience internationally, and their absence will not lead to any loss to the university.

It is therefore safer for them to remain outside the teaching profession in particular. The return of these people, or one of them, means a government blessing for the return of extremism to the university.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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