Wednesday , July 18 2018

Don’t leave all to ‘mama’ – ‘Fulfil duty to nation’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Due to an inadvertent error I failed to appear before the judge during the court session but my efficient lawyer, Adawia Aldgeshm, who has been assigned to defend me in the case of journalism required my appearance in person before the judge and convinced the judge to hear my testimony in the deliberations room after the end of the court session.

I waited in the courtroom for nearly half an hour, waiting be summoned by the judge. During that time I sat in the crowded public hall, the majority of them facing various kinds of charges against them and some were even in an iron enclosure which looked like a cage.

I saw the policeman who was in charge of maintaining law and order inside the courtroom put a cigarette in his mouth, but did not light it and passed by the judge’s bench.

Suddenly, the policeman sat in the chair of the President of the sessions, lit a cigarette and began to smoke inconsiderately openly.

I looked around to see if such rude behavior and breach of code of conduct by the security man had drawn the attention of anyone present, but nothing seemed to be wrong.

I got up and headed to the judge’s bench. Since I was wearing a suit, it did not disclose my identity, approached the policeman and told him what he was doing is a violation of the law.

I also reminded him that he is the person who has been entrusted with keeping law and order and prevent others from committing any sort of violation.

The arrogant policeman in a loud voice shouted back at me and said it was none of my business. He also told me that I have to respect him in front of all the prisoners and the guilty and the rest of the people who were present there.

His reaction provoked me, but I did not respond to his criticism but requested him to leave the seat of the judge and go and smoke in a place designated for smokers in a glass room, which was outside the hall.

In the glass room, instructions were written about Smoking Prevention Law and accompanying punishments for violators of the law.

The security man extinguished his cigarette under the judge’s chair, and from his expression I knew he did not like my ‘advice’, but I did not care either for him or his misbehavior.

I asked him his name and sent it to a senior police officer on WhatsApp with details about the incident, and I do not know what happened to him. I was satisfied because as a citizen I had done my duty.

What is funny and painful is that some people thanked me for my attitude, and others praised my courage. I wonder if the issue is related to bravery,

But I clearly felt sad due to the absence of the sense of responsibility among many, who have become indifferent, and behave passively in front of a lot of violations, and even crimes.  They do not lift a finger, as if the matter does not concern them, or it happens in a hostile nation, not in Kuwait, our haven.

It looks like all that we want from our homeland is more money, cheap electricity, subsidized foodstuffs and astronomical salaries without much effort.

If we want to show our love to our homeland, we must raise its flag in our homes and our cars and sing patriotic songs with a chorus of singers and nothing more than that.

This indifference falls within the responsibility of the government which ignores and turns a blind eye to small and big crimes and this behavior remains deep-rooted in the minds of citizens that fight against crime, irregularities and any kind of violations are the government responsibility not theirs. And all that a citizen has to do is enjoy his trip and leave everything to Mama, the government.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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