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Sunday , January 29 2023

Difference between them, us

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Here we speak of a friend who was born in the Shehata family in Upper Egypt. He learned agriculture, but soon discovered that his specialization did not make any sense to him, so he gave up the name “Shehata”, dumped the farmer’s clothing and wore the robe of a cleric, grew his beard, and started issuing fatwas, created stories to his liking and made a lot of money.

There were always people around who believed what he said and bought his stories, including the story of “The Kingdom of Crows”.

He said in the Kingdom of Crows there were courts and verdicts were issued whenever a crow commits one of the following crimes — destroyed or damaged the nest of another crow, stole the food, or sexually assaulted the wife of another crow.

The agriculturist went on to say that the court is headed by a female crow because in the world of birds and animals, the female is a dominant force.

The court begins in one of the fields, with 3 croaks, and they bring in the accused under guard with head bowed, his wings folded, and remaining silent.

The charges are read out and if proven guilty, and the suspect acknowledges the crime, the feathers of the convict are plucked or the suspect is put to death by continuous pecking on the head in the case of rape.

This is not a joke, but this is what our children hear in some places of worship.

As for the role of science, the scientific miracle has provided mankind with a huge number of discoveries, inventions and innovations, which have greatly alleviated the suffering of nations, prolonged people’s lives, facilitated their lives, accelerated their productivity and answered questions that had preoccupied their minds for thousands of years.

Among the manifestations of creativity is the discovery by the English physician Edward Jenner (1749-1823) the smallpox vaccine in 1796, which had previously killed millions of people, and the lucky ones went blind.

The Scotsman Alexander Fleming also discovered in 1928 the anti-penicillin, which contributed to the elimination of several difficult diseases, including the plague that claimed hundreds of millions of lives.

In 1943, the Jewish American scientist Selman Waksman discovered the effective anti-streptomycin against tuberculosis, and these three discoveries had a remarkable role in the decrease in the death rate and the increase in the number of the earth’s population!

Wilhelm Röntgen, a German physicist, discovered X-rays in 1895, and was awarded the “Nobel”, but he donated the prize money to charity, refusing to give his name to his great invention, and gave it to all of humanity.

Because of the innovations of Bill Gates and the innovations of Steve Jobs, the world has been turned into a small village, and various information and sciences are available on the screens of our phones and computers.

From all of this, we see that the method of science is different from the method of religion. The human sciences possess the nature of self-correction for themselves, or through humans, so the wrong theories die or develop to correct their direction.

As for the beliefs, they are, as it is supposed, fixed, free from doubt, and not subject to experiments, and therefore everything that these incapable people promote about the miracles found in some religious books is something that should not be touched, because it harms the faith more than it benefits it, especially since hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on these subjects, most of them went into the pockets of the clergy, such as the narrator of the Court of Crows.

Our resort to stories or miracles is due to the scientific fascination that the West brought to us, and the state of confusion and admiration that afflicted us, so, we did not find a way to face pressures other than claiming the existence of the non-existent and claiming to own what we do not have.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

“There is a direct relationship between the expansion of sanctities and the backwardness of any nation!”