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Monday , February 6 2023

Destruction crows … Houthis, Hamas and ICM

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THE Palestinian cause is no longer the bearing of Arab consensus, especially after it was transformed by the mercenary and materialistic organizations of various political creeds and sects, into a source of division, and made it a path to enrichment, not liberation.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the Hamas representative in Sana’a met with a leader of the Houthi group, which ejected itself from not only Arabism, but also religion, morals, Arab customs and international law. This increases the conviction that these are nothing more than puppets in the hands of their Iranian operator. They do not hesitate to commit any crime for fulfilling the operator’s desires.

In fact, Hamas is no different from the Houthis. If Hamas pushed the innocents of Gaza into useless conflict in its Palestinian scheme, the Houthi group – the agents of Iran – did not respect the sanctity of neither the Sacred House when they tried to bomb Makkah, nor the blood and patriotic bond when they took Yemeni women as hostages of their lusts, and took children out of their schools to imprison them in sectarian brainwashing camps.

Given that the “crows” of a feather flock together, it was not surprising that the so-called Muadh Abu Shammala kissed the forehead of the young Houthi butcher and appreciated the role of his group in the resistance.

The questions that need to be raised here are – What is this role? Is it the crimes against humanity committed by the Houthi group in Yemen, and against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? What resistance are they talking about? Do terrorist movements in various Palestinian areas, which exercise kidnapping and abuse in its cellars-turned-into-slaughterhouses for the Palestinians, consider their actions as resistance?

Over the past decades, we have not seen such brazenness as the kind practiced by the Hamas leaders. They accuse the GCC countries of supporting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. At the same time, they shamelessly beg for money from them to rebuild what they deliberately destroyed, while holding hands with the thugs who have been attacking Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states for the past six years.

Here we ask – Have the Gulf governments, including our government which is submissive to the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), seen these photos? Is it not a member of the Arab coalition, and harmed by the Houthi aggression just as Saudi Arabia was harmed? By what measure do they base their positions on Hamas and express their willingness to donate money to them? On what basis…?

If these people assume that such acts are virtuous, as the demons of the Muslim Brotherhood Group suggest to them, then they are mistaken. Those who attack defenseless people, violate the sanctity of mosques and places of worship, and bomb Makkahand Madinah using drones and ballistic missiles cannot be loyal to Palestine, Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.

Why isn’t our government, like the rest of the world’s governments such the United States, the European Union and Qatar, firm in its position that any reconstruction must be under the supervision of the United Nations, and not pay any money to Hamas or others in the Gaza Strip so that it does not go into the pockets of the leaders of “trading with the blood and suffering of Palestinians in Gaza”.

In this sensitive international moment, it is useful for our government to return to reality in dealing with this file. Our government shouldn’t be carried away into submitting to the demons of ICM towards the abyss in its international relations.

Those who took unrealistic paths, either Sunni or Shiite groups, ended up eating from a broken bowl. It is no longer the time for rhetoric, but for realistic pragmatic policies. Indeed, a sign to a wise man is enough.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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