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Monday , September 28 2020

Destroy ‘Brotherhood’ terrorism with iron fist

FIRST and foremost, we have to salute our security authorities for their success in arresting members of the ‘Brotherhood’ cell that committed crimes in Egypt and then fled to Kuwait where they took shelter.

Undoubtedly, tremendous efforts were invested in this operation. In its statement, the Ministry of Interior called the operation “pre-emptive.” This is one of the remarkable achievements of Kuwaiti security authorities that also achieved major success in dismantling the ‘Abdally Cell’ whose members planned to commit crimes in the country.

Kuwait’s judiciary must be commended as well for its independence in dealing with cases, such as the ‘Abdally Cell’ case; in which it disentangled every thread until all those implicated were convicted and got due punishment.

Undoubtedly, Kuwait is located on the firing line of terrorism. It is facing threats from various parties – from Iran’s agents in the region or the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ members who, in the early days of the Arab Spring vowed to spread chaos in Kuwait after its plans in Egypt succeeded in 2011, and they kept their word in the two years which followed.

Indeed at the time, the response to security destabilization attempts was strong. HH the Amir said during what he described as the ‘Black Wednesday’, “Kuwait was almost lost. In fact, it would have been gone if it were not for the rapid and decisive response to contain the chaos mongers.”

Based on this, there should have been anticipation of any move by the Brotherhood for a long time; especially after their failure in Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries, and their attempt to assimilate the protests in Algeria after such moves banished in Sudan. Also, there should have been a follow-up mechanism for every suspected ‘Brotherhood’ member.

Some GCC countries have taken this anticipation into consideration from the beginning. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hit them with an iron fist after the political leadership felt that this group tried to destabilize the Kingdom and spread chaos there.

Due to the crucial decision taken by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the group was uprooted; and the United Arab Emirates took a similar step.

We beg to ask: If Kuwait’s security authorities could reject a visit visa application, sometimes for flimsy reasons; did the members who were arrested in Kuwait go through the usual security background check given that they had permits to reside in this country?

Perhaps, their applications were facilitated and went through as a result of the intervention of ‘Brotherhood’ members who infiltrated the country’s security apparatus and allowed them to enter the country.

Is it possible that this cell came to Kuwait to play its role in any incident here, especially after the threats hurled at the country in order to back down on judiciary rulings against some MPs, individuals affiliated to the group and the fugitives who went to Turkey?

These questions and many others need answers and explanations for the Kuwaiti public that does not want to see blood on the streets, similar to what happened in several Arab countries, particularly this time when war bells are heard in the region.

The alliance between the regime in Iran and the ‘Brotherhood’ is not a secret to anyone. Its history in assassinations and bombings over the past 91 years, since its inception, are well known.

Therefore, this incident should neither be overlooked nor end with handing over the suspects to Egypt. Instead, the suspects and those who facilitated their entry to Kuwait and sheltered them should be put under the microscope of the judiciary; or else, danger will continue lurking here. Perhaps, the worst is yet to come.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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