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Deadly bribery, nepotism

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Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf
A number of political activists, and men of conscience, broadcast and send voice texts and tweets warning citizens against selling their votes.

The activists stress that a candidate who pays them today one thousand dinars will of course get it back from public money in the sense once this candidate wins the elections he will restore what he has spent from public money – meaning the money belonging to him and his children.

Some tweeters called on the citizens to receive the bribe but not cast the ballot for the one who has purchased their vote. Of course we do not agree with that at all.

There is no doubt those messages will reach a small number of citizens, not exceeding a few hundred. Moreover, all those who receive the messages will not follow them and that means the success of these messages is very limited, and not more, or at best a few hundred and this means the connection will not work.

Raising awareness, through various means about the negative political phenomena in society such as purchasing votes, and sub-elections and the transfer of votes from one residential area to another is essential.

Such awareness will require the combined efforts of several parties, especially the government to eliminate or at least reduce them. Without the government belief of the danger of such phenomenon and without government efforts the negative phenomena shall continue even if we sent a million tweets.

The democratic experiment has exceeded in Kuwait for half a century, but this democracy is still a mystery to a large segment of citizens, and the reason is that the ‘wise government’ does not take the issue seriously, and therefore did not pay much importance, either through the media, or the school curriculum and as a result the negative government attitude about the public situation has remained always negative.

What makes the issue even more ambiguous and confusing is when the government appoints some young employees, at the request of some MPs, who lack experience in senior positions.

The most recently appointment is of the son of a former deputy as Director of a Department in a very vital institution is one of the examples. This is in addition to generous gifts in cash, land and overseas treatments that cost the state two-and-a-half billion dollars — are other examples.

What can we do, there is much to say but we are fed up.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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