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Sunday , October 20 2019

DAESH … the unknown exposes the known

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ABOUT two years have passed since the launch of the military campaign against DAESH but this terrorist group continues to be a daily source of apprehension for majority of countries in the world, and preoccupation for its security and media agencies.

This means that the method used to fight this terrorist group has not yet produced the desired fruit. Neither international decisions nor laws of any country have managed to dry DAESH’s financial sources or ensure that the arrest of its cells succeeded in protecting countries from the almost daily atrocities of this group.

This is because of the fact that there are backdoors still open for this group which it uses to reorganize after every battle.

As long as those backdoors stay open, eliminating DAESH is impossible, regardless of the slogans or number of plans in place. This is because the country that benefits from this group will continue using it for achieving its objectives and interests.

Iran, which facilitated every basic infrastructure for this group through its affiliate in Iraq Nouri Al-Maliki, will never eliminate this group as long as it has not achieved its objectives.

Israel, another beneficiary, will also indirectly continue to facilitate this group’s survival, in order for it to expand in several Arab countries and achieve its objective, which is ensuring these countries are preoccupied with civil wars so that they will be weakened and neutralized as a preliminary step towards the declaration of a Jewish state.

Therefore, the campaign promise, made by US President-elect Donald Trump, to eliminate DAESH within thirty days, will just be bubbles of slogans for local use while an ordinary American citizen continues to live in fear of this unknown — known ghoul.

Same logic applies in the European Union, where the so-called “Islamic extremism” has become justification for the increasing popularity and influence of extremist parties in Europe. Meanwhile, Russia has found a ticket to expand in the Middle East through Syria.

From the start, the GCC countries announced that elimination of this group cannot be done except through massive land and air campaigns with the participation of soldiers from major countries.

They also stressed the importance of cutting the nails of beneficiary countries especially Iran, which continues to expand in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, attempts to interfere in Yemen and Libya, and stirs sectarian tension in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as some west Arab countries under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Even with everything that is in place, the military campaign will not achieve the desired result without a choking siege on the group, particularly on social media using which DAESH recruits naïve youths from European, Arab and Islamic countries.

It is through social media that the group’s recruiters entice unsuspecting youths with open doors of paradise, claiming that the key is to kill more “infidels” who perhaps could also be their relatives. This happened in several countries, where a young man killed his parents because he believed they are infidels and apostates.

Today’s DAESH is not just a group cornered in a specific location. It is actually an ideology that attracts deviants and maniacs. Treating this cancer with a non-radical operation will cause it to spread further in the world to an extent that uprooting it will be impossible.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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