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Wednesday , June 16 2021

Curfew couldn’t harness virus – Need to review lockdown measures

IT HAS become clear that the total curfew – lockdown – needs a comprehensive review in order to fill the gaps that have surfaced over the past few days, the most important of which is the failure of food delivery to people, because shopping centers are no longer able to meet the demands of the citizens and expatriates because of the shortage of supplies on the one hand, and the destruction of large quantities of foodstuffs that are prone to get spoiled quickly.

Sattam Al Jarallah

This is in addition to the system which is in force at the moment which to a large extent appears ineffective. Add to this the inability of the grocery stores to meet the demands of the customers on a daily basis because of shortage of home delivery workers and lack of supplies.

This issue is a daily concern for people while some food centers are throwing away large quantities of bread in the garbage bin because they are just unable to sell their stuff.

Another issue that should be looked into is the two-hour break from curfew during which people can relax their muscles and this has raised concerns because all people who are virtually in a sort of home quarantine hit the roads at the same time and this increases the fear of the spread of the coronavirus because a large number of people come in contact which means the possibility of lifting the total ban cannot happen in the near future if the rate of infections continue to increase.

The rate of infections swelled after a week of total ban, and therefore the concerned authorities must look for other ways to prevent the spread of the virus. This has become an urgent necessity otherwise this will affect the health system and with it all measures taken over the past couple of months will render meaningless. This is what those living in Kuwait do not want to see.

These issues must be of concern to those who are responsible for planning the prevention of the spread of the disease among people, otherwise, the lock down will continue, which means more losses to the national economy, which is already suffering from deflation in light of the large decline in oil prices globally, and the resulting decrease in the state budget.

There are countries which have gradually opened the doors for business within strict controls, which can happen in Kuwait, after reviewing all the measures that were taken and did not lead to the desired result.

Is the assessment, which the government announced that it will look into after ten days after the start of the total ban, realistic and bridge the gaps based on an innovative plan that saves Kuwait all these losses?

Sattam Ahmad Al-Jarallah
Online Editor for Arab Times & Alseyassah

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