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I received an emotional message from one of the readers ‘Musab’ and I found it useful to write about it. He says “When my family went to visit the relatives, I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday. I prepared everything for the celebration including a copy of the novel ‘Abdullatif the Armenian’. I said if the novel is heavy material, I will only read what will reduce my disappointment in it.

I read some pages and understood the feelings of the Armenian, the hero of the novel, and it took me to the details of different ages and times and cultures and found myself dancing with the grandfather and the people of his village, enjoying the beautiful melodies he played in the cafe, and sometimes I find myself walking in the harsh cold towards the unknown.

I also found myself in the basement of a factory or in the bed, and then the events of the novel linked me to my homeland with a different touch that made me feel part of the story. I found myself in Jasoum the character of the story, my relative in Mohammad Kash, and I imagined Mohammad Al-Thani a friend of my father and after three hours, I was surprised that I ended reading the novel faster than I expected or hoped, and forgot how I was involved in reading it.

He added: “I put the novel aside, and it was still too early for the return of my family. I contemplated in its events trying to get two apples, but I found myself involved in a dialogue with the writer as saying: “I do not need your hypocrisy. I have enough of everything and I see and find another form of slavery. Freedom lies in satisfaction. I have met you by chance but I believe in the truth of your intentions through my daily reading of your article. I firmly believe that you are the last piece of its kind for what is no longer available to us, a precious and priceless. This is due to several reasons including that you did not give in to the collective mind and chose your own way of understanding and analysis. Because you are relatively old, and your experience is long and deep, and you have enough sources for living, it made you free in what you write and produce without the need to appease or compliment anyone or waiting for return.

My question is when will we have some people like Ali Shariati or Abdullah Al-Qassimi or Ali Al-Wardi in Kuwaiti versions? I hoped we would have writers, thinkers who follow you and make us feel that their writings are related to us. We have preceded others in understanding life and in the production of thinkers, but others proceeded in saving and documentation of their works in a manner that our libraries became abundant with their beautiful books, not our books. Time has not passed yet, it is not too late and the opportunity is plenty.

Those who stand at a distance with everyone, who have been enriched by experience, understanding and humility, a sense of sympathy for the minorities and sincere freedom will guide us to the first book of a deep, genuine and honest local experience. The quote ended. Beautiful words bring joy to the heart of any writer, and my comment to Musab is that it is very difficult to conform with the author’s writings to his real personality. I was personally subjected to several shocks after knowing senior writers of opinion. This knowledge has shown me that most of them are far from what they call for.

I found lack of commitment in words or even the virtue of apologizing for misbehavior, often with bad relationships with their families. My knowledge of them caused me to lose confidence and respect for them, stopped following them up and regretted my attempt to know them. At the same time, I met celebrities, not writers, but my idea of their achievements and creations did not change although I found them weird strange personalities and not even straight, which led me to end my relationship with them but my admiration for their work continued.

Life of the painter, the actor or the singer often has nothing to do with his art, but this does not apply to the writer of opinion. The reader expects an action from him that is compatible or at least close to what he calls for, not the opposite. I hope that Musab will not be disappointed when a day comes and we meet each other in person.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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